Podcast coming soon!

I’ve been intending to broaden the scope of some of the longer comment threads from this blog into a full blown Skype conference recording for years now. Plans to finally go ahead with that podcast are now well underway.

If you would like to take part in what promises to be a lively debate, in which everyone will be allowed to make their points and be treated with respect, please email me at thatjim@gmail.com including your Skype username and a time and date (preferably in GMT local time) at which you are likely to be available to take part in the recording.

The call itself, after technical check-ups and sound levels are set, should take no more than 2 hours and will, by way of an introduction, recap the main topics of discussion from this blog over the past year, then moving monthly to cover the latest blog entries.

On that front, you’ll notice over the coming weeks and months a few other contributors to the blog showing up. I’m very excited about the prospect of introducing everyone to people who I’ve been privately emailing for some time now on everything from humanism and politics to Christianity and atheism.

Stay tuned!

Download Skype for free now and take part in the debate. All you need is a microphone, a reliable internet connection and a desire to debate.


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