Look at this level headed voter


15 comments on “Look at this level headed voter

  1. Dear mother of pearl! That’s freaky! Well, unless she is actually on ecstasy or something.

    I’m sure she’s a member of some charismatic movement. A church near me went through several “revivals” two of which were the laughter revival and the animal noise revival.

  2. There’s a lot of “look at me, I’m really feeling it” going on with many of these type of show-off videos on YouTube. It never ceases to amaze me how the power of the holy spirit always seems to show up exactly on cue shortly after pressing the record button. But then He is all knowing and all powerful so why wouldn’t he choose to show his love for the world by possessing people who can make up an entire language as they go along which only makes sense to them? It’s so obvious! Jeez, dude, open your mind!

  3. Look at the rest of her account on YouTube. She has some kind of involuntary tick, shared in common with many people who are ostensibly genuine in their belief that they can commune with the creator of the universe.

    reddit users are currently out there trying to study this phenomena:

  4. The gibberish does seem to be ‘speaking in tongues’.

    She seems to have some stock phrases (gibberish and regular speech) which I’ll bet she’s honed by standing at the front of revivalist churches.

    Let’s not forget how good teenagers are at (a) seeking attention and (b) convincing themselves of anything, especially when the people around them reinforce their nonsense.

    Poor girl. If she’s not actually nuts (and I’m pretty sure she’s not), she’s going to have a hell of a hangover in another couple of years.

  5. I, on the other hand, clicked a few other videos of hers. Its the same stuff, though she seems to exhibit a jolting tick right before going into the gibberish.

    Kinda sad to watch — I don’t think this girl suffers from mental illness but rather that she’s been raised in an environment that supports and praises this kind of delusional behavior. When I was a teenager I went through a lot of angst because of my religious upbringing, but I was by NO MEANS a fundamental. I was shocked to see (even as a christian!) that those christian ‘family’ bookstores sell books to teens and young adults about how to have a dating relationship without even KISSING, saving it to your wedding night. !?!?!WHAT?!?! Oh, its out there folks.

    What I see on this video is girl going through puberty and being repressed mentally to be infatuated with a book character, who happens to have dreamy hair and a great tan. Seriously, no Jewish man looked like that!

  6. “I was shocked to see (even as a christian!) that those christian ‘family’ bookstores sell books to teens and young adults about how to have a dating relationship without even KISSING, saving it to your wedding night.”

    I know at least one person who has done that. I also am friends with a guy who says he never masturbated in his life.

  7. Jesus titty fucking Christ. How the HELL can anyone do that to themselves? He must be a threat to society? I wake up in the middle of a wank all the time! How can ANYONE deprive themselves of sex with someone they love? That’s just mind blowing. Being in a duo is great, but there’s always time for the odd solo project.

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