Help me help you do something good for someone

As some of you know, I spent time in San Francisco last year. I stayed at the Don’t let appearances fool you, despite that Google maps doesn’t have a great street view, it’s a warm hearted place with good people working there.

Every now and then I get to thinking about a homeless guy I briefly befriended, who basically lives out the front of Walgreens on the corner of Taylor and Geary, down the street from the hostel. Here he is with his back to the Google street view camera car…


If you’re in that area, just a few blocks down from Union Square, could you do me a favour and tell him about this…

Free Google Voicemail for homeless

Google are giving SF’s homeless free voicemail to get in touch with friends and family who they might not find it easy to contact. It can also be used as a contact for job searching.

You can’t miss him, he has a friendly smile. He was a nice polite guy who certainly didn’t seem to be on drugs and didn’t force himself on people begging for change. If you do this, could you please come back and let me know his name, in the comments below.



3 comments on “Help me help you do something good for someone

  1. I told a homeless friend about this service (he’s in SF) and he said the following, via chat:

    “i have heard of that, problem is NO ONE at ANY of the shelters who work there has!
    sign up at a shelter, yea right! i have asked about this, but no one knows what im talking about”

    Where would a homeless people sign up for this service?

  2. That’s kinda why I’m asking, Zucchini Breath. I’m all the way over in the UK and out of touch. I had tried contacting someone at ZDNet and Alex Linsey at Pixel Corps, because I know they’re both based on Market, opposite the Apple store on Stockton, on the same side of the street as Old Navy—but I’m not getting any replies.

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