VenomFangX has his YouTube account and website shut down

Edit: Monday 11th Jan, 2010. Shawn, a.k.a. VenomFangX has permanently removed his YouTube account. His parents and family are working with the YouTube users he slandered and issued illegal proceeding against to help him escape the young Earth creationism cult to which he has succumbed. Please see the follow-up article in the comments below.

vfxofflineReal name Shawn, VenomFangX was the YouTube screen-name of perhaps the most annoying kind of Christian creationist.

Shawn would regularly post videos in which he claimed to present proof that various scientific methods of establishing facts are flawed because they don’t take into account the kind of biblical literalism preached by convicted fraudster and Creation Science Evangelism ministry founder, Kent Hovind.

Initially Shawn enabled comments and video replies to his clips, later removing ones which refuted his claims. Then he simply disabled comments and video replies altogether.

A few months ago, Shawn launched his own website which included a PayPal donate button. In his YouTube videos he began requesting money for sick children. YouTube user dprjones did some digging around and discovered that Shawn had posted a video (which was later removed) in which he appeared to say that the donations were also to be used for his car payments and tuition.

dprjones also found that by soliciting donations for charity, Shawn was breaking the law by failing to declare himself a registered charity, under Canadian law. dprjones reported Shawn’s activities to the charity he claimed to be raising money for and presumably the Canadian authorities.

Today we’re greeted with the most welcome news that VenomFangX’s YouTube account has been “Closed” (as opposed to ‘suspended’, suggesting VFX himself deleted the account) and that has been taken off line, with a suspension notice suggesting that Shawn’s parents requested the site be closed down.

YouTube user FFreeThinker has posted a complete explanation of what VenomFangX has done to scam money from people:

Reddit user Aerik has also posted a thorough run down of events:

VenomFangArchive is a mirror of many of Shawn’s most hilarious moments—many of which were removed almost as soon as they were posted to the VenomFangX account.

Jezuzfreek77, long a supporter of VFX, offers an alternative explanation as to why Shawn’s YouTube account was removed.

EDIT: SuperFlyNB has re-posted VFX’s last video:


84 comments on “VenomFangX has his YouTube account and website shut down

  1. Guess he’s been listening to some Rage Against The Machine.

    “Ya know they murdered X
    And tried to blame it on Islam” — Rage Against The Machine — Wake Up

    Of course, they just threatened “X” this time, and a rather insignificant “X” as well compared to Malcom.

    I’ve only seen a few of his videos, did he even do any anti-Islam videos?

  2. Just finished watching one of the videos with Muslims. I don’t care what VenomFangX is preaching, he comes across as an arrogant ass.

    Of course, if he really was threatened by Muslim extremists then he is in good company and I would defend his right to believe what he wants and share his beliefs.

    I just love these “my magic book is better than your magic book” discussions.

  3. The actual content of VFX’s clips is utterly hilarious from a certain point of view—but it’s important to remember that he was regurgitating this stuff to profit from it on the backs of people who actually think it’s true, which is just frightening.

  4. he wasn’t soliciting donations for charity, what a load of bull, the money was meant directly for his own use. the whole purpose of it was so he could preach in his free time rather than go find another minimum wage job (he is also a college student). in other words it was specifically intended to pay for car, gas, food, etc.

  5. I’m sorry Windy but if you were right I’d agree with you. He specifically said he would give everything he raised over $500 to charity and then he changed his mind and decided to keep it all for himself. He’s a lying little cheat who got found out.

  6. Anyone who won’t listen to what Venomfang had to say is obviously in denial of their own sinful nature. You are all pieces of shit and you will burn in hell unless you repent. as for venom cheating people, you are all absurd. The money was for his ministry so FUCK YOU.

  7. Venomfangdefender:

    I’ll cut you deal. Come back in 24 hours and read back to yourself what you’ve just written and if you want me to delete it so you can try again I will. Sound fair?

  8. Wow, venomfangdefender, you don’t know any of us personally and we are pieces of shit? I guarantee that there are Bible believing Christians that have problems with VFX’s actions too, are they also pieces of shit?

    Maybe you should read Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give cgrace to those who hear.

    Or Matthew 5:44 But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

    Or Matthew 5:22 But I say, if you are even angry with someone, you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse someone, you are in danger of the fires of hell.

    I see not the love of Christ in you.

  9. Oh, Mike. Didn’t you get the memo? I’m an ex-atheist now, didn’t you know? Yeah, yeah. GREAT news!! I was just minding my own business one day, you know being all atheistic, sitting around eating babies and murdering random passers by, because—hey, I didn’t think there was anyone up there to stop me, right? All of a sudden, I get this e-mail from someone who thinks VenomFangX is just a swell stand up member of the community and it all fell into place!! I henceforth dedicate my every waking moment to my own personal Jesus Christ who loves me and wants me to tell everyone I meet that unless they love him too, when they die, they’ll be tortured for all eternity by not being allowed to hang out in heaven with Christians. I just had to accept His offer, I mean—who’d want to miss out on that gig?

  10. I mean, it was fun being able to form coherent ideas and abstract concepts of my own, based upon reason and cognitive logic back there, for a while. And that freshly drained sacrificial goat’s blood you atheists all drink when you’re worshipping the devil is just delicious! But I just don’t want to risk missing out on all the fun when my brain function ends and, in a way which has thus far yet to be explained to me, I nevertheless magically continue to exist in another realm alongside all of those fine people throughout history who’ve also dedicated themselves to Christ, like Hitler and Pope John Paul II and Jerry Falwell and that couple from Minnesota who left their baby to starve to death because Jesus came to them in a vision. Boy those two are going to be a fucking HOOT at the bimonthly aborted foetus enters limbo dance.

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  12. Damn. I assume the full, unbiased story will out eventually, but I’m really curious about all this. The explanations given so far are unsatisfactory, and are they all true, or just some, or none?

    The ‘PCS caught scamming money’ seems a bit too convenient – as, in the opposite direction, does VFX’s own ‘Muslim death threats shut me down’ explanation. I’m not sure I like the ‘You’re grounded, mister’ scenario either.

    And ultimately – admittedly through gritted teeth in this case – I don’t like the idea of anyone being shut down/up, no matter what they have said. Even though his stuff is dangerous to rational thought, censorship just validates his dirty methods to his fanbase. It would be nice if he were constrained to stop Lying For Jesus(tm) somehow, but driving anything underground – which is probably what this is – just makes it more pathological.

  13. It is easy to tell that Shawn/VFX/PCS is lying AGAIN about “death threats” as if it were true one could find evidence in police logs or news reports from his home town of Toronto.

    As none exist, neither do the threats. The most likely explaination is his fradulent use of charity names in order to make money to pay for his car, food, porn?, that already forced him to shut down one of his PayPal accounts.

    I expect Shawn to appear again soon with requests for money again.

  14. I tend to agree with you ScientiaPerceptum (if that’s you’re real name). PCS will ride again and I agree with Chris Davis that it’s probably for the best if he does. He is entitled to his opinion just as much as we’re entitled to prove him categorically wrong on each and every point, large and small, that dribbles from his plastic Small Wonder style head.

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  16. Jim
    Do you mean to say that you have you own personal jesus christ who loves you and rises every third day and you’re not looking for material for your book “Penis Jokes”

  17. Muslim death threats again? Somebody needs to remind VFX to double check the list of lies he’s already told before making any announcements.

  18. Someone needs to write a spam bot that will parse the page for key words and then use them in the comment.

    Name: Joe Miller

    Comment: Great site about _VenomFangX_. Good information regarding _YouTube_. Thanks!

  19. Yeah, I know. The notify email from wordpress already does a decent job of showing the IP address and mail address, but some still get through.

  20. What an unbelievable little twat that guy is. Death threats from “Muslims” which mysteriously vanish once his mummy lets him have the password to the wireless router again. What a transparent, frightened little child.

  21. Lying for Jesus and Gateway Drugs

    All liars for Jesus start out by experimenting small and innocent lies… some decide to try lying for Jesus due to peer pressure at Church, some have problems and they think that a quick lie for Jesus can solve them, but often it just leads them down on a path of delusional self-destruction.

    Initially they might only lie for irrational things like:
    The Earth is 6000 years old, Adam saddle-backed a Velociraptor or that Neanderthals are just old people with Parkinson’s disease.

    Soon the urge to lie starts taking control of the person’s life, they can no longer hide their addiction and they start doing it in public: Ted Haggard rode his addiction all the way to the top of a Mega Church, Kent Hovind’s main line was that public schools shouldn’t use his tax money to teach a lie, while VenomFangX just did it to buy a bat mobile to go along with his batman suit.

    The addiction takes a hold of the person’s life and they become extremely disillusioned and desperate in their attempt to hide their lies: VenomFangX filed false DMCA’s and set up a fake sick Children charity drive in order to support his addiction; Kent Hovind was so upset about the government using his tax money to teach Evolution that he refused to pay taxes; Ted Haggard on the other hand did what any desperate man would do for a fix: smoke meth and suck d**k.

    VenomFangX lost all his dignity and had to apologize to the Internets, Kent Hovind got 10-years-in jail, and Ted Haggard went back in the closet!

    Kids, remember: Lying for Jesus is bad, m’kay!?

  22. Comment 4:

    it would not be his belief in his god that would land him in trouble with any other group. It would be his arrogance and self-rieciousness; VFX openly pursues conflict with anyone who has a varying ideaology to that of himself. which I think should be a notable fact. what would make a religion, if any of them at all, correct?

    but personally I’m leaning towards the money grubbing. His eyes are insinsire when he speaks. that is all from me


  23. Heads up! I’ve had some interest in taking part in the podcast, but I always welcome as many views as possible. Just a reminder for those subscribed to this thread to send your Skype username to if you want to take part.

    What I’ll then be doing is opening a Google Calendar which everyone who has mailed me with an interest in taking part will be added to, so everyone can put a pin the map and say what time and date they’ll be free to talk with me via Skype. Don’t worry your mail address won’t be revealed to anyone else who shows an interest, just the date and time you say you can make it to talk.

    Then, once we have enough people who can make it at the same time, we’ll get together and just chat. The resulting conversation will be edited as little as possible (literally just to remove unwanted “testing 1, 2, 3, can everyone hear me?” technical set-up) and then put out as a podcast on the blog and also mirrored on

    Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest so far! Jim.

  24. Malcolm X was murdered by body guards of Louis Farrakhan. They, in turn, were shot down, dead. There is now doubt who did it.

    Don’t confuse “Nation of Islam” with Islam. The Muslims resent it.

    Nation of Islam is based on hatred of whites and segregation. When Malcolm X came against that, Farrakhan had him killed. The NOI was splitting, half sticking with doctrine of Elijah Mohammed and half following Malcolm X, who decided to follow a more accurate version of Islam.

    Read up, people.

  25. typo: there is NO doubt who did it. For the previous poster, however, who thinks non-Muslims killed Malcolm X, I hope you do now doubt your theory.

  26. This is a crazy way to ask for money. It is illegal to begin with as he metnioned a chairty and second of all he did it completely wrongly.. Nowhere near how it should have been done. Well he’s paid for his mistakes and now lost all his followers, youtube channel and website.

  27. Funny how he should plame it on Muslims. Muslim fundamentalists are the only other group besides Christian fundamentalists that teach creationism.

  28. One thing to remember when contributing money to Self-Righteous Religious Scam Artists is that they are Self-Righteous Religious Scam Artists and will use your money to buy porno, prostitutes, cigarettes, booze, and drugs. See Hinn, Baker, Haggard, Tilton, Swaggert and others for more examples of this sterling behavior from people who want you to worship their invisible friends by funding their secret vices.

  29. Intimately, the article is actually the freshest on this precious topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the extraordinary lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your business dealings!

  30. gods, hes back e.e PCS has returned, with a vengense. the douche just got done illegally filing 30 or so DMCA’s. does he EVER learn?…

  31. XcaptainXobliviousX: No, he doesn’t. PCS is a lying little prick. I saw that some YouTube users had been receiving take-down notices from him and had considered blogging on it—but I figured I’d let the dust settle and see what happens next. Thanks for reminding me.

  32. This is such bull! VenomFangX channel has never been removed, closed, or banned, hahaha! the ignorance of this post amazes me. The Youtube channel “VenomFangX” is still up and running!

    I have been following Shawn, and he did request money. He was clear it would be for his expenses, since he wanted to preach the gospel full time, and quit his regular job. All help from viewers was welcomed.

    The only flaw I see Shawn committing is adding the over $500 dollars to charity rule. I think that open the door for the dogs who are just ready to call him dishonest.

    It is really sad the hate that goes around here.

  33. Hot Debates Online. You are wrong. At the time this original blog was posted VFX YouTube channel was closed. It has since come back. The reason this blog entry has risen to the fore in the last 24 hours is because VFX has once again been caught issuing fraudulent DMCA take-down notices against dprjones and presumably other YouTube users.

    On hatred: I don’t think anyone hates VFX for what he says—it’s his actions which are reprehensible. If he had simply admitted, a long time ago, that he was mistaken in some of the assertions he makes about matters of basic scientific fact, no-one would care who he thinks he is or what he believes to be true without the evidence upon which to base his assertions.

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  35. Pingback: The creationist YouTube user VenomFangX, who filed illegal DMCA take-down notices to silence people who discovered he had acquired money by deception by duping a children’s charity, posts one last video before closing his account in which he accuses

  36. Pingback: The creationist YouTube user VenomFangX, who filed illegal DMCA take-down notices to silence people who discovered he had acquired money by deception by duping a children’s charity, posts one last video before closing his account in which he accuses

  37. Pingback: The creationist YouTube user VenomFangX, who filed illegal DMCA take-down notices to silence people who discovered he had acquired money by deception by duping a children’s charity, posts one last video before closing his account in which he accuses

  38. Pingback: The creationist YouTube user VenomFangX, who filed illegal DMCA take-down notices to silence people who discovered he had acquired money by deception by duping a children’s charity, posts one last video before closing his account in which he accuses

  39. Update: It has emerged in the last 24 hours that the father of VenomFangX has been in regular contact with the YouTube users affected by his son’s actions, as of Janurary 2010. Please see the following statement by Hilton Karon:

  40. I realize most of you don’t simply disagree with religion but vehemently loath religious adherents, and when such hatred is present, anything which humiliates, degrades or negatively portrays believers is often believed and propagated by the haters regardless of its truth and accuracy. However, what evidence is there to authenticate the statement read by the above youtube user was made by VFX’s father or even that the user knows VFX’s father as he claims? Not only does the statement’s content and the claims made by the user seem suspicious, but it’s difficult to fathom a loving father, as “Hilton” claims to be, would add to his son’s humiliation in such a manner, or any manner. However, if his father was intent on setting the record straight in this way, why not address the issue directly rather than get a stranger to do it? Unless the statement can be authenticated, then it is simply hearsay.

  41. I know what you’re saying Christian, but these guys have been trying to help Shawn for months, if not years. This isn’t about disagreeing with Christianity because Shawn isn’t a Christian, he’s a fundamentalist evangelical young Earth creationist.

  42. This is utterly stupid. @Jim um no he’s not, I know this dude. I talked to him for a long time and he’s a Catholic/Creationist. All of this bullshit being spread is lies for the most part. He did start drama on youtube, but let’s not act like the atheists on there don’t, hmm?

  43. Shawn posted an apology admitting that he felt bad for letting himself and his parents down. He said that he had no idea various YouTubers were trying to help him behind the scenes while on his YouTube channel he continued to accuse those same people of, amongst other things, child molestation.

    Yes, there are some people on YouTube who went too far in their hatred of VFX, but they weren’t the principal players in the dialogue that took place between Shawn’s parents and those who their son filed illegal proceedings against; who remained adult and calm about the situation from the start.

    It’s also worth pointing out that many of the comments which get left here in support of VFX are often from many of Shawn’s enablers—who should frankly know better and grow up. This kid almost landed himself in serious trouble and the only thing which saved his neck was maturity and religious tolerance—so you can save your attempts to turn this into an attack on atheism and listen to what the lad has to say in his own words:

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  46. Shawn’s youtube channel is still up (venomfangx) and he’s still posting. This despite his obviously contrived “apologogy” to dprjones and others, and his desire to disassociate himself from that name and focus on being Shawn (see his videos on dprjone’s and thunderf00t’s channels). His latest (as of Feb 2011), is another rail against thunderf00t using flawed logic. At least he doesn’t appear to be scaming for donations again. It’s rather sad that the intervention attempted by Shawn’s father, dprjones, thunderf00t, and others did not help this poor delluded soul. Like other self agrandizing narcissists, rehab just doesn’t seem to work. He seems to have built his life so wrapped around the Hovind mythos, I wonder if he ever will be saved from himself.

  47. Thanks for the update on this. Much appreciated. He’s a silly little boy with no mind of his own. At least he isn’t collecting money any more, unlike every single one of the people who inspire people like Shawn to humiliate themselves in public. Liars for Jesus freak me out.

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