The most blatantly corrupt football match I’ve ever seen

If you’re anything like me, my sexually attractive reader, your eyes glaze over when someone mentions the beautiful game.

I don’t habitually watch football in the way many of my friends and family do. I was never one of those kids who was any good at or even remotely interested in football at school. If a local team, Middlesborough, Newcastle or Sunderland are playing, I’ll support them. Naturally I support England in the world cup and English teams against Europeans.

The only time I make a point of focusing on a match for a whole 90 minutes, is when I’m enjoying a pint down the pub with friends. Last night I watched Chelsea play Barcelona in the Champions League.

I’ve never seen a more obviously corrupt official, than match referee Tom Henning Ovrebo. Not just looking the other way as hand balls followed dirty tackling once or twice—but on at least four occasions when Chelsea should have been awarded a penalty.

Chelsea, playing at home, dominated the game, scoring early. Barcelona only needed to equalise to go through on away goal points. In the 90th minute that’s exactly what they did. It was a bona-fide screamer which did it—a last ditch stab at the goal by Iniesta. The only problem being Chelsea should have had at least another two goals, but it would appear the referee had other plans.

As the final whistle blew, Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, having being almost knocked out at one point, which again went unnoticed by the Norwegian referee, was utterly furious—pointing in the ref’s face before finding a TV camera to yell, “it’s a fucking disgrace”.


4 comments on “The most blatantly corrupt football match I’ve ever seen

  1. Drogba did the right thing. This game should be replayed no doubt about it, with a different referee. I am a Chelsea fan and I really thought Chelsea should have deserved to be in the final..Im not saying Barcelona is not a magnificiently gifted team but, when it comes to which team was better..Chelsea reigns

  2. Being an Arsenal fan i DREAM of my team winning the champions league however this tournament has lost all sense of credibilty, they obviusly did not want 2 english teams in the final. Drogba should NEVER have apologised.

  3. LOL he was so corrupt he sent of Abidal of Barcelona for a NOTHING foul on Anelka. In fact Anelka fell over his own heels. And the only reason Chelsea got knocked out was becuase DROGBA MISSED a clear opportunity to score and his antics i.e. faking injury was the direct reason why there was so much added on time. At this point CHELSEA WERE STILL WINNING!!! Barca only scored in the last few seconds of the game.

    Drogba should have been ashamed for his antics after the whistle. If you consider swearing down a TV to nearly 100million viewers many of those being young children acceptable behavior… Well good luck to you! Milli1127 you have a selective memory… Didn’t Chelsea go to the Nuo Camp and defend for about 85mins?

    Ref was not corrupt he was just out of his depth. Not good enough at this level. He also messed up in European championships earlier on so this should come as no surprise.

  4. I forgot that Ovrebo sending off Abidal for no reason while Chelsea was winning was proof that he was “corrupt” AGAINST Chelsea.

    And I also forgot that Ovrebo scored in the very last few seconds of the game to make Chelsea lose.

    Silly me.

    Did he mess up a penalty appeal or two? Sure. But he also sent off a player unfairly – FOR THE OTHER TEAM. So did he have a good night? Not in the least. Did he only hurt one team. No, not that either. Was he corrupt? No, of course not. You really have to be a bit stupid to think that.

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