Is Ray Comfort a hoax?

rcercRay is known around the YouTubes as the banana man, for a now infamous presentation he made in which he used everyone’s favourite shaped like a phallus yellow fruit, to show that only God could have designed something so easy to pick up, eat and enjoy.

There are various versions of the video floating around, some of which have been edited to exclude the analogy Ray was trying to draw between a coke can, which has a designer and a fruit—his reasoning being that this too must have a designer, since it fits so neatly into the human hand, has an easy-open stalk like a ring-pull and is colour coded to indicate ripeness. I’m not making this up.

Of course the banana does have a designer, although unfortunately for Ray it’s not the big guy upstairs he’d hoped we’d all slap ourselves silly in our recognition of, once he pointed it out. Ray issued a retraction of the claims made in his ‘Behold, the atheists nightmare’ video, when it was pointed out to him that, in fact, the banana we know today has been modified by all-too-human selective breeding.

The irony of the fact that this is the very method that one can use to breed certain qualities into a species with artificial selection, that when he observed it in pigeons lead Charles Darwin to his description of natural selection, isn’t lost on Ray, who so vehemently dislikes the evidence for religious reasons he proceeeds, in this BBC Radio 4 interview, courtesy of, to outline exactly why, for these reasons and others, you can’t be a bible believing Christian and simultaneously capable of putting two and two together on matters of fact.

NOTE: I don’t normally like hot-linking to other people’s media, but since it is assumed want this to get out there as widely as possible and you’ve all promised on pain of death to click over there and read every last article till your eyes fall out, I’m hoping they’ll let me off this once.

EDIT: 29th April: @atheistpoint: @MovingToMontana – I don’t mind the hot link at all; It’s a nice site you’ve got by the way, & thanks for the mention too, it’s appreciated!
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6 comments on “Is Ray Comfort a hoax?

  1. Why I know That There is a God and That He Loves Me

    A Personal Testimony.

    Years ago doubt was creeping into my head about the Lord and then a miracle happened.

    Three years ago 100 members of my church were enroute to a bible camp in the Blueridge Mountains of Virginia. They were traveling in a chartered bus. As they sang hymns, Satan was up to his old tricks. You see, the bus driver was an atheist alcoholic socialist and that day he was filling his coffee mug with vodka. As the bus wound up through the switchbacks, the driver got progressively drunker. Then it happened. It was that day that changed this poor sinner’s life forever. Entering a particularly tight switchback, the besotted driver finally lost control of the bus and it plummeted 1500 feet down into a ravine where it exploded into a fireball incinerating the flock. The only survivor that day was a young boy who was thrown from the bus by his father seconds before it hit the bottom.

    This young boy suffered severe brain damage from hitting a rock head first and will have to wear a football helmet and drool cup for the remainder of his life. But his survival proved to me that miracles do happen because God does exist and loves me. The Lord used that accident to bring me back to his flock.


    Praise Jesus! Just open your eyes to his miracles and you will see them everywhere.

  2. What satire?

    The good lord knew that only by doing something truly dramatic could he lead me back to his flock.

    And so he done it.

    Praise be his holy name!

  3. LOL!! You’re good man. That’s exactly how they talk. If only they could see it the way you do, maybe they’d realise how offensive it is. Keep it up dude :)

  4. So God let 100 believers die to bring you back to the flock. HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHH. God must be digging deep.
    Lovely satire indeed.

  5. The thing is it’s not really funny, because you do hear genuinely traumatised people allowing themselves to think this way and you just know when the penny drops they’re going to climb a clock tower and lose it.

    BRILLIANT nick name by the way Ted. How’s the family? ;)

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