Why are these brain dead morons telling me what to think about peace love and tolerance?

I hope everyone involved in this vile product dies of a disease curable by a process of stem cell research invented by a black disabled lesbian married to a sex changed former Catholic priest turned atheist abortionist.

EDIT: Lee found some brilliant comments on this at gawker, who have also included the audition tapes by some of the never-work-again “actors”:



12 comments on “Why are these brain dead morons telling me what to think about peace love and tolerance?

  1. You’re right. Your description was much more even-handed than mine.

    Luckily this video has gone viral faster than syphilis at a bishop’s conference, and the ridicule is drowning it out. Gawker even posted some videos leaked to it of audition tapes (any actor involved in this can consider his career over)and point by point rebuttal of it’s hysterical accusations.

    Thanks for putting it on your page.Man, it looks like all New England may have gay marriage within the year. Good old traditional conservatie rock-bound New England. Can we blame it all on Ben and Jerry?

  2. Oh, NOW I’m pissed. What the flying fuck?! How dare they suggest that they should be able to refuse medical aid to those who their little storybook says aren’t “right”?

    These hysterical fucktards have had their day. The gauntlet is down.

  3. Wow… I’m just stunned. Speechless.

    I used to understand why people felt this way, but I can no longer sympathize or tolerate this view. Gay marraige does not threaten heterosexual marraige, nor does it force anyone to change their way of life. What really cracks me up is how Christians want to preserve the sanctity of marraige… cause that 50% divorce rate is hardly what I would give the high outstanding label of ‘sanctity’.

    Here’s a compromise we can all live with: Allow gay couples to marry, and have all the rights afforded to them in the eyes of the law. Churches do not have to perform these ceremonies if they feel they are inappropriate. Some churches will not perform heterosexual marriages if the couple does not take their class, attend their services, etc, so here the church and its constituents have a choice.

    As far as, ‘my child will think gay marraige is okay’… grow up and be a parent. If you think something is wrong, educate your child that this choice is not tolerated. I mean, I didn’t hear ONE PEEP about Governor Palin’s daughter giving the message ‘teenage pregnancy is okay’. What I heard was, “its a family matter, let her deal with it privately”.

    EXACTLY. Gay marraige is a private matter chosen by individual citizens. The pursuit of happiness is a right granted to us by the Constitution, and should not be withheld from any person.

    Forget the religion. Stand up on the grounds of the Constitution.

  4. The truly great thing about these sorts of desperate measures is that there is nothing more likely to consolidate ordinary people around the human rights of homosexuals—having exactly the opposite intended effect. There isn’t even anything “clever” about it from an advertising and marketing point of view. It’s just talking heads literally telling people what to think—the modern day equivalent of “No Negroes” signs on public drinking fountains. Normal people see that shit and immediately form an opinion which empathises with those being oppressed.

    That’s the beautiful thing about human nature, it trumps deliberate attempts at political control every single time because, on the whole, most Americans aren’t lead by the nose religious idiots. That’s what was so disappointing about the whole Todd episode. I’d toyed with blogging on the whole thing, explaining why he got himself banned; how many times myself and others gave him a chance to redeem himself and so on. But I realised that not only does the evidence of his own words speak volumes but that anyone interested enough to read what was said will be able to work out for themselves what was really going on. Those who can’t, never will—regardless of my time consuming efforts to spell it out.

    Same goes for the shit for brains behind this hate campaign. No amount of dunking their head in the toilet bowl is ever going to change their minds—despite that it might take a little frustration out of the situation. The only way to deal with these inbred plankton is to leave them to disassemble themselves. Let them see how far they get without programmable computers, for example. Invented by Alan Turing, a man so persecuted for his sexuality that he took his own life despite that he almost single-handedly ended the second world war in Europe. How would they even spread their hate without his invention? They just haven’t thought this through because if they had, they wouldn’t say and do what they’re saying and doing. I trust the kind of Americans I know, both on-line and in person, to see through that and do the right thing.

  5. Slightly offtopic, but still on the topic of discrimination:

    I taught “La Bamba” to my 6th grade class as a way of introducing them to the ukelele. One of the activities I had them do, for a participation grade, was to pronounce a phrase of Spanish lyrics from the song. One boy absolutely refused to do this. He was at least private about it — he didn’t broadcast his xenophobia to the rest of the class, but he was near tears about being asked to speak like ‘those hispanics’. He kept on telling me, ‘i don’t do spanish, i don’t do any of it, i’m american, i’m american…”

    I felt really sorry for the kid, because he looked near tears, and its not his fault he’s grown up in a racist household… but that kid I feel sorry for is going to grow into an adult that perpetuates hatred and stereotypes… and then I won’t feel sorry for him.

    I asked him to instead name some instruments on the next page (which had spanish names), and when he refused to even do that, I lowered his grade for not participating. Sigh.

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