Christian Fundamentalists in the UK are bringing intolerance and bigotry into the mainstream political debate

If this video doesn’t frighten the shit out of you, it should.


One comment on “Christian Fundamentalists in the UK are bringing intolerance and bigotry into the mainstream political debate

  1. Dear Jim:

    Living in America, we have been dealing with the impact of Fundamentalist Christians on crack-pot right-wing politics for many decades. These fanatics with their pre-fab morality and built-in hypocrisy have been a driving force in Conservative American politics for a long time. From the Reagan/Thatcherite point-of-view, the problem is simple. Since corporate conservatives do not have the votes to reach a majority: “How do we troll the morons to get them to vote against their own economic self-interest.” The answer: MO-rality. Fire them up about “social-wedge-issues” to get them on the conservative bench, then rob the mooches blind. It’s an old American truism: “Never give the sucker an even break.”

    Here is a response that I recently posted on a Fundamentalist web page, in response to an article that asserted that failure of a “gay-marriage” ban would bring about the “end of the world.” My argument is for tolerance that civil society demands… Religious fanatics of all stripes to not respect the rights of others to disagree… That is a comfortable position for those in possession of “Absolute truth.”

    As Eric Hoffer wrote so wisely in “The True Believer:” “We can be absolutely certain only about things we do not understand.” That is the first rule in dealing with Fundamentalists; They are absolutely certain because they don’t understand. In fact, they don’t have a clue, that is why they swallow lies. I believe that there is not much use in debating with them although I have done it publicly for 30 years; the important thing is to attack the political effects of their economic agenda. Make people pay attention to the cost to people’s lives of putting extreme conservative governments in power. for this, sadly, you can use America as the text book example.


    The Church of Jesus Christ
    Faith leaders: Ban gay marriage in Minnesota or the world will end

    2009 MARCH 30 – Joey Tranchina PERMALINK
    Dear Polycarp: I do not lump all Christians together. I know too many Christians and you are all different. What I ask from conservative Christians is that they respect the rights of individuals in a civil and secular society to do things that they consider “sin.” You do not have to approve of everything that the law allows; you do not have to be silent in your disapproval. You must understand that, if we are to live in peace we will have laws that approve of things that many of us don’t like.

    For example, I do not approve of Biblical literalism. I believe that it is a lie. I understand that we live in a solar system that was made out of a cloud of gas, dust and ice that began to collapse and rotate in space with the earth accreting toward the inner region of the disk that formed 4.6 billion years ago (that is, 4,600 thousand million years). That is what the centuries of careful and honest science teaches us to be the closest estimate at the state of current knowledge. I believe that teaching children the lie of “creation science” is child abuse. I believe it diminishes them by shrinking the scale of creation and therefore minimizing the greatness of the awesome God that is the prime mover of this magnificent existence. I am at least as adamantly opposed to fundamentalism as any of you are to gay marriage. Yet, do you know what I owe you? As a citizen of a free democratic republic and a believer in a civil society, where we are free to passionately disagree, I owe you the obligation to defend your right to practice your religion, in your home, your church and your school, WITH MY LIFE.

    I do not owe you any obligation to sit silently by while “conservative” Christians cover my gay brothers and lesbian sisters with hurtful and harmful stigma from very narrowly drawn ideas of “sin” that are based upon a fallible source. I also do not have the obligation to listen to the most conservative fringe of Christianity, judge people in the name of “Christianity” by standards that are not accepted by many, if not most, Christians. We have the right to disagree. You do not have the right to force laws upon all citizens based upon the questionable truth of your religion.

    You are loosing this debate; so if you think Gay Marriage will bring about the end of the world, I suggest you get ready for Armageddon… although, I suspect, many of you are already doing that. Need I point out that every prediction of the end-of-the-world, that Christians have made for 2000 years, has been wrong… so far.

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