The Pope says condoms cause HIV AIDS. Catholic charity worker agrees, by ranting uncontrollably on live TV.

I saw this on Channel 4 News this evening and had to share it with you all.

After watching this I had to go for a walk, so I didn’t begin hurling heavy objects at the screen.

19 comments on “The Pope says condoms cause HIV AIDS. Catholic charity worker agrees, by ranting uncontrollably on live TV.

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  2. That doctor showed admirable restraint, as well as the newscaster (who is he, anyway)? And that Catholic loon should be fed into a wood chipper.

  3. John Snow is a really great newscaster. That Catholic loon should be thanked—she’s the reason I finally got around to seeking a formal defection.

  4. I understand the whole ideal of “If you don’t have sex you won’t get AIDS.” But hasn’t this catholic woman ever heard of ‘rape’? Does she really think that a drunk man that wants sex is going to listen when told no? Or a prostitute will give up her income? People are going to have sex, it’s a given. Why can’t the church get that through their head? You would think they would understand this after all the scandals with their own priests…

  5. speaking as a devout christian who is doing a uni assignment on preventing HIV aids in Africa at the moment and this is one of the funniest thing’s i have seen whilst researching it.
    not only it that catholic a raving idiot, but most of her ‘statistics’ and ‘facts’ have been proven wrong many times over.
    yeah sure, not having sex means you’re not going to get HIV, but how many of us has the will power, or the want to go without? really!
    and condoms have an over 90% reduced risk of being infected. approximately 1 in 5000 people who use a condom and have safe sex with an HIV positive person will actually develop this disease!
    some people just shouldn’t be allowed on television.

    and i must agree with sarah – i would not have been that restrained if i was the dr!

  6. Wow, you folks really didn’t listen at all, did you? Question: if you meet a guy/girl in a bar and he/she tells you he/she has AIDS but would really like to have sex with you, will you a) insist on using a condom, or b) decline the invitation? I’ve been married to my wife for 21 years and have no personal fear of HIV whatsoever. I have been separated from by work for a year now with 4 short visits during that year. Fidelity works folks.

    Paper, will you insist then that all rapists and drunk fumbling boys use condoms? As to the prostitute, she should get hazardous duty pay. JB hits the nail on the head; it is about will power (and knowledge). Condoms do not prevent the spread of AIDS. They reduce (by about 85% according when used correctly and consistently) the likelihood of spread during a sexual encounter with an infected individual. Now question #2: Your daughter is sweet on the boy down the street, but you, (being his nurse or doctor) know that he is HIV positive. What advice do you give to your daughter?

  7. You make some interesting points Norman, but the point of this article and the nub of the conversation in the video itself, is that the Pope’s timing was deliberately designed to give the impression to his African bishops that their at best antiquated and at worst criminally negligent counselling to their parishioners meets with his approval. What he could have done and, to my mind has a moral duty to do, is clarify the fact that the scientific evidence runs contrary to the Churches position. If people then choose to still follow Church instruction, as opposed to advice based upon evidence and reason, that is their look out. But what he did instead was muddy the waters even more in the naive hope people would be encouraged to adopt a contrarian attitude to this ludicrous policy, simply because it was drafted by celibate old men who spend half their time birching themselves for knowing their alter boys literally in the biblical sense.

  8. The Catholic Church has an anti birth control policy, which assures more Catholics will be born than otherwise. This is having disastrous consepuences.

  9. Let’s go back to the basic teaching of Jesus, which is ‘to love thy neighbour’ And surely if you have HIV AIDS from inheritance and you know this, then firstly you wouldn’t want to have a child (which in the eyes of god is what sex is for) because then that child would then have HIV too. So using a condom would be the right thing to do. Secondly as you know HIV can be transmitted so therefore if you love your husband or wife but have HIV and they don’t, the honourable and loving thing to do is use a condom, saving them from the disease. That is love. That is what God would want.

    Again bare with me my points are a little far fetched. I’m a young catholic and believe this is all a test, and that God made HIV AIDS. And that God also made our bodies the way he did for us to have sex. I believe this is a test to over come obstacles in this life to then have eternity with God in heaven. Like the saying goes… (I don’t know how it goes but something along the lines you don’t get something for nothing?) But surely we do God proud by using the intelligence we were made with and use a condom and prevent this!

  10. Emerald, I mean it in no small way when I thank you for reminding me why I’m no longer a catholic. Only the mindset that gave us magic bread and sin before birth could be so bold as to worship a God that inflicts AIDS upon people as a test of their faith in His love.

    If you genuinely want to understand why your views are so offensive and on how many levels they fail to make a case for Jesus, please consider the following learning materials in lieu of your response:

    In God’s Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I, David Yallop:

    God: The Failed Hypothesis. How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist, Victor J. Stenger

    Jesus interrupted: Revealing the hidden contradictions in the bible and why you don’t know about them, Bart D. Ehrman:

    Breaking the spell: Religion as a natural phenomena, Dan Dennett:

    Why does E=MC2, Professor Brian Cox

    The stuff of thought, Steven Pinker:

    Aeons Before the Big Bang – Sir Roger Penrose Christmas Lecture

  11. Norman
    Don’t be so complacent ‘ it will never happen to me’ attitude I’ve been with my husband 30 years now & he said the sane & worked away periodically all our married life.
    Then when he was 50 years old when he had been working away for several months he had a few pints and a nice woman pressed his buttons – it really can happen to any of us and while I was faithful I do accept it could have been me or any woman, it is not just men.

    Anyway my up to then totally faithful husband tried to forget it ever happened as he saw it as a big mistake.
    So now both me and he are 58 & 59 years old and we both have HIV . As he got it from this woman & gave it to me.
    Yet my man was the one who truly believed he would never be unfaithful
    Don’t be complacent and think it will never happen to you as I did and sadly it did happen to me.
    And you can know what you have done but you can never be sure what your partner has – male or female …….. You can never be sure, as I found out

  12. Emerald inform yourself
    With the right medical care no child these days need ever be born HIV positive
    And many women who are HIV + do have planned families and children that are HIV negative- and would not have their babies unless they could ensure they were hive negative

    HIV positive women who have access to the right information & care have HIV negative babies all the time now, and have a right to have children if they so wish with the right care to prevent their child from being HIV positive – and to do so is actually relatively easy to ensure I am surprised that in this day and age you don’t know this.
    Look it up!
    It is lack of Proper care education and access to medication for the mother means any child is born hiv positve

  13. If I’ve offended anyone in anyway I’m completely sorry. Jim Gardner I don’t quite understand what you mean. But I think you’ve read what I wrote wrongly.

    Veritee, I should have researched the facts first, I’m still in school and only doing GCSE in science this year, I won’t learn about HIV and transmitting it till A levels Just that I knew it can be transmitted. Due to my post having fake information in it and ‘being offensive’? I will be deleting it. (that’s if I can)


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  15. @ Emerald.

    It sounds as though you really struggle with the conflict of your personal opinions and your personal faith. I strongly suggest you read some of those books Jim suggested. particuarly God: The Failed Hypothesis. How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist, Victor J. Stenger

    Also any books by Richard Dawkins, Sam harris, Daniel Dennet, Christopher Hitchens.

    I notice you said “god made us this way” a few times.
    Read “The greatest Show on Earth”

    Please, please PLEASE! read books and find answers for yourself instead of swallowing what your parents and pastors/priests feed you! Question everything and demand rational explanations. Do not fall for ad hoc arguments based on subjective, unfalsifiable hypothesis.

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