BBC iPlayer ‘fault’ blocking Virgin Media Customers

The BBC’s iPlayer service, which checks that viewers are within the UK by only enabling access to a range of IP addresses which are assigned by UK ISPs, has been producing false positives for at least the last 12 hours—and according to Virgin Media for perhaps the next 24 hours, if not longer.

EDIT: March 18, 2009, 12:14 AM

Entering the sixth day of no service. No replies to e-mails. No courtesy phone calls, despite being promised three times. Virgin are blaming the BBC and the BBC are blaming Virgin.


5 comments on “BBC iPlayer ‘fault’ blocking Virgin Media Customers

  1. Well we (VM :-) ) haven’t got a new IP block from RIPE for ages, so I’m pretty sure this is a BBC screwup.

    Reply with the IP in question and I’ll give the fault ticket a kick.


  2. It appears to be all VM IPs starting 86.30 which have suddenly appeared on the Beebs kill file. No response from them so far after 3 calls to complaints and iPlayer support. Going to try my local BBC radio next, to see if they have an internal complaints mechanism which might be more effective.

    Thanks very much for getting on this, Dom—but like you say, I think it’s a BBC issue. Although it might be worth reminding some of the level 1 support at VM 150 faults of this. Our Indian friend got rather mixed up for a while there.

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