Jesus Camp

Three years after it first inspired the internet generation to reject Christianity, it’s no less chilling than the first time you watched it.

The brain washed children of Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s ground-breaking documentary, on the methodology behind militant Christian indoctrination in America, stands as a stark reminder of the work still ahead in the rational humanist cause.

So much has happened in the political arena since this film was made, it’d be interesting to see if some of the featured children are still involved in their parent’s cult of choice, after being exposed to the debate which the movie caused, three years on.

Becky Fischer’s campaign continues unabated.

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6 comments on “Jesus Camp

  1. I can’t even watch snippets of this without feeling deeply disturbed.

    There was a boy in my 8th grade religious school who almost didn’t get confirmed because he was asking these logical questions, was way deep into eastern religions, etc. He was willing to say, “I don’t know all the answers,” and get confirmed to ‘be on the safe side’.

    I lost track of him after 8th grade. Earlier this year I tracked him down and contacted him, convinced he had dumped religion years ago, based upon his personality. I was hoping to find a kindred spirit; someone to share my awakening with. I was really disappointed to find out he had gone deeper into religion and was fundamental. I guess people make their choices. Perhaps one day he’ll shake off the cobwebs, but right now, he’s just trying to hard to prove a Santa Claus myth.

  2. I thought about freaking everyone out on here once, by declaring myself born again on some spurious non sequitur, just to see how many of y’all fell for it—then I remembered this stuff is no laughing matter and decided against it. I realise everyday how lucky I am to have avoided any sort of religion ever since I was 14. I’ll never stop being the voice of reason for people who want to listen and escape. This movie is a very powerful argument in that conversation—even if only for the footage of Ted Haggard alone, not to mention the forced worship of a George W. Bush cardboard cut-out.

  3. But there are people who are atheist… and go back to religion. I don’t understand how this happens… I think people misunderstand why they disbelieved, hear some bs arguments from creationists, and get sucked back into the strangehold of group cult mind think.

  4. I would imagine it’s a very very small minority of people who are truly free thinkers who suddenly “forget” how to rationalise. It’s more likely they never really understood why they espoused certain views and became easily swayed by the methods described in the middle chapters of my book.

  5. Jim, it seems that nearly six years ex post facto, Becky Fischer is having a revival of sorts into the charismatic Christian spotlight. Although her camp near Devil’s Lake, ND has long since been closed, Fischer continues to be headquartered in Mandan, ND – a stone’s throw from Bismarck, the city in which I have resided for 26 years. She is publishing a new book entitled, Jesus Camp: My Story, in which she poorly attempts to justify that, which in my opinion, is unjustifiable. This fact was all but celebrated by our local newspaper, and as a result I have decided to rail against her works and ministry within the state. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this topic further with you, as I believe it is of incredible importance as we move into the 2012 elections. All the best, Thomas.

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