And they ask me why I use Mac



7 comments on “And they ask me why I use Mac

  1. Now, I’m as big of an Apple fanboy as they get, but this screenshot seems to indicate that two instances of the installer are running.

  2. Yeah that is a weird error message, Mike‚ in as much as I don’t think I’ve ever lost data or damaged any devices by just unplugging them instead of properly removing them. It’s almost like a hangover from OS 9.

  3. I think one of my two USB hubs is going a bit flaky. It was my iPod that was disconnecting and reconnecting. I only found out because I saw it disappear from iTunes and then reappear. Once I plugged it into the other hub it was fine.

    It would be nice of the error message told me what it was, I’m pretty sure windows is just as vague if I recall correctly.

  4. I hate to break it to you Mike, but that’s exactly what my iPod started doing a month before the battery died completely. Only had it 1 and half years.

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