I’ve been there!

This is a satellite view of Faslane, one of the UK’s nuclear submarine bases in Scotland.snn0215gb_682_744243a
It seem that Google Maps have rather ruffled some of her majesty’s feathers by revealing the strange structures underneath the water, which literally form western Europe’s last line of defence in the event of a nuclear attack.

I used to be in a band who toured the military bases and worked at Faslane once, doing a Christmas party for the top brass. You’ve no idea how impressive these men and women are until you meet them up close. You get that feeling of an extreme presence from each of them, akin to waiting at the stage door after a rock concert, to meet a genuinely talented famous person.

You could eat your dinner off the floors in Faslane. The whole place brought a tear of national pride to my eye that I never thought I had in me. A submarine turret, which was partially visible from the parts of the building visitors are allowed to see when we were loading in, was the most awesome sight imaginable. Freaking HUGE and menacing—yet strangely comforting to know it’s poised at a moments notice to launch the best of the best into our defence.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that these submarine structures are there—in fact I’m rather glad they are. What’s amazing is that Google have been allowed to publish them—replete with Al Qaeda friendly latitudinal and longitudinal co-ordinates.

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One comment on “I’ve been there!

  1. Well… It seems that these structures underneath the water are not visible anymore, on google maps or google earth.

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