Why Didn’t Abstinence Work For The Virgin Mary?

covr2Religion is the curious assumption that a tolerance for people who hide behind its arrogant certainties somehow makes the world a better place, when in reality it has the opposite effect.

My opinion, however, is unimportant. It is what can be proven to be true which is of relevance. This book simply sets out to explore the similarities between the two.

Drawing on my lifelong interest in religion and using debate extracts from my blog as well as anecdotal and scientific evidence, I’ve compiled this book in the hope that it persuades a certain kind of Christian that critical thinking and criticism aren’t the work of the devil—unlike what they might have been told.

I’ve tried to cover as many aspects of religion in short, readable sections as possible. Certain areas are covered more than others; attacks on science and logic, religion in politics, corruption, hypocrisy, proven liars and superstitious bigotry.

You can read the first 11 pages and order your copy of my first book from lulu.com now!


2 comments on “Why Didn’t Abstinence Work For The Virgin Mary?

  1. Hoo-ray James! Will download the sample and hope to buy the book if the tax liens I’ve been suffering lately leave me with enough cash. Sooner or later I’ll buy it. And read it blatantly on the Metro. Cover out, balls up.(I once almost got attacked on the subway in NY because I was reading a book called ” A Cultural History of Abortion”. It was the middle of the afternoon and the train was empty…suddenly I look up and this scary guy is standing in front of me, fists and jaws clenched, staring at me with murder in his eyes….luckily a lot of people got on at the next stop. Watch them provocative bookies in public, folks.)

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