News on my book

I know I haven’t blogged an awful lot recently, but I’m beavering (ooer!) away on my book. I Twitter a lot more than I used to (which is still hardly ever) but I’ve jigged the whole thing up so that anything I add to my FriendFeed goes to Twitter as well—so that covers most of my social bookmarking day-to-day.

So if you really MUST know what I’m reading and researching for the book, follow me!

Cover artwork for my book:


10 comments on “News on my book

  1. Daniel Florien:
    Do you know about how I might keep the site exactly as it is, except move it to another domain? I’ve tried exporting wordpress and importing it to a hosted installation before—but despite saying that everything had worked, non of the images downloaded and a bunch of other things went wrong too.

  2. Commas, as well as the subordinate clauses they nestle, are the mark of a thinker. Don’t let yourself be dissuaded. Good grammar will save the world.

  3. SarahHeartburn:
    I do go overboard with commas sometimes. It is a rhythm of writing thing—but when I read back what I’ve written, from a contextual point of view, too many of them do tend to break things up too much. It’s a finger tap typists habit, rather than the cerebral mechanism you generously credit me for. See, even as I wrote that last line, I I put a comma before you and after mechanism. Unnecessary.

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