ITV interrupts live football. End of the world imminent.

It was supposed to be a goal. Instead it was an advert for how to fight Matrix style if you’re an identical twin.

The fan’s reaction to a technical fault, which resulted in certain ITV regions interrupting the Everton V Liverpool FA cup match, last night, has been fairly severe.

Michael Grade, the controller of ITV, issued an apology, saying, “As a football fan myself I was glued to the match and was as disappointed as anyone to miss the goal”, adding, “Last night’s glitch was inexcusable and we are awaiting the results of our technical inquiry so we can put in place stringent and immediate procedures to address this.”

A swift reaction, right from the top, less than 24 hours after a one-off, genuine mistake. Which is interesting, considering ITV have been deliberately interrupting Formula 1 for the past 10+ years, without anyone listening to the complaints of the fans—but as soon as something affects the almighty game of football, it’s the end of the world as we know it.

Thankfully, the 2009 F1 season, and beyond, has been awarded to the ad-free BBC. Let’s just hope ITV carry on making mistakes like this, so someone who knows how to present TV sport properly can take over and let ITV get on with making pleb-dazzle game shows and laughter track home-video clips of children getting slightly injured.

More at Channel 4 news


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