US House passes economic package

I posted the below in the comments section of this story on the BBC News Website. Feedback is appreciated.

I’m a Brit and I lived in California this time last year and witnessed up-close the candidate selection process, early round caucuses and got a closer feel for how people like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, to name many others, actually shaped the debate.

Predictions about a financial crisis have been coming thick and fast from both of the main parties outer fringes and registered independents for the last 4 years, but no-one within the Republican party grass roots were represented properly, least of all by the neoconservatives in Washington. This has left a lot of people, with genuine concerns, feeling ignored and unwanted.

There is a vast gulf between what is really happening in American domestic politics and what gets reported, not just on this side of the pond, but within the US—particularly on the low budget, onion-skin of integrity news channels, which are as ubiquitous on the US equivalent of Freeview as re-runs of Friends and Top Gear are in the UK.

It’s a terrible stereotype, that we Brits have, of the “typical American redneck Republican”—but you meet and talk to these guys and you can’t help but have some of the fears we Europeans might have about that caricature, sadly, confirmed—but for entirely understandable reasons.

For example, schools. Certain districts of Northern California—places like Ashland, Oregon and Chico, Red Bluff and Eureka; outcrop cities, North of Sacramento—the metaphorical middle of nowhere, but nevertheless the size of Leeds or Newcastle. They have the kinds of school teachers you dream of learning from—free to teach anyone who wants to learn.

But they’re being held back by disenfranchised “real” Republicans, who have no choice but to grasp at whatever control over local affairs they can, because at anything higher than City Council level, the legislature is owned and operated by institutionalised corruption and private industry. Hence nothing gets done about the social depravation and sickening mistreatment of veterans, while a tiny minority profit from maintaining a veneer of normality, eking out minimum standard products and services to a docile electorate, with no-where else to go but church.

Every single one of these people stand to loose, big time from what Obama must do, but they haven’t even begun to flex their muscles in terms of fighting back the control promised to them by Circular Logic FM. McCain didn’t win because this key demographic never wanted him on the ticket in the first place. They wanted someone more like, biblical literalist, Sarah Palin—and in 2012, they might just get her.

I’m not suggesting Obama’s win was more of a Republican loss. In the big cities and within finance, it was a genuine vote for change—but there are an awful lot of people outside of San Francisco and New York, with the media reach and connections within Evangelical Christianity, who are determined to gloss over Bush, with as much muck as they can drag up—and they simply don’t care if it affects people within their own community, let alone if their actions have a knock on effect in UK housing and manufacturing.


2 comments on “US House passes economic package

  1. Oi, Don’t mess with the Top Gear!!

    I have a hypothetical for you Jim.

    You have said that you would move back to the U.S. in a heartbeat. And since I believe you were only there temporarily, am I right in saying you have only ever lived in the U.S. under republican rule?

    Is your desire to live here connected with the politics of the day?

    In other words, would you still want to move to the USA, if that USA was a 2012 Palin USA?

    Just curious.

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