The Trick

This is quite a good metaphor for how confusing women can be sometimes.

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6 comments on “The Trick

  1. There’s a skit by Louis CK (sp?) where he meets this girl at a hotel and they make eyes and end up in a room. He goes to touch her and she pushes his hands away and they just make out. Three times he tries to touch her and everytime she pushes his hands away. They finish making out and go their separate ways. The next morning she sees him and asks, “So what the hell happened last night?” “What do you mean?” he asks. “Nothing happened at all.” “UGH!” she says exasperated, “I wanted you to dominate me! I fought you and you didn’t even try!” She walks off in disgust. “Like I was going to take the slight chance you wanted to get raped!” Louis calls.

  2. Louis C.K. cracks me up. In that same gig Kim linked to, he does a routine about his kid coughing into his mouth that had me literally rolling on the floor laughing my arse off.

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