Roll up, roll up! It’s the circular reasoning show!

I posted quite a few new articles in one go the other day, so in case this one got a little buried I thought you’d all appreciate a heads up for the “conversation” between myself and a couple of rational, level headed Christians, which is taking place in the comments thread for a video I posted on the dubious credentials of Joseph Smith.

So far we’ve had such insightful thoughts like, “..when you say that Mormonism sounds like something out of science fiction, I’ll actually take that as a compliment..” and “ mother wears army boots, and your dad could beat up my dad..” and “Why is it so difficult for people to understand that a Church is not responsible for the actions of Voters.”

Incidentally, Ditchu, who said that, has a blog which states..

“When I last looked over my stats it shared a decline in my readership since I first notified people about my departure decision. Thus I will be removing the posts and pages from this blog.”

..which is interesting, because according to hasn’t ever registered enough traffic to show up on the stats.

Anyway, mysterious failures of advanced technology aside (perhaps it’s the will of god) I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to the next gripping instalment. Join me, why don’t you? I’m sure he’ll get around to remembering the evangelical block vote which has delivered three of the last four American Presidents eventually.


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