Well done Israel! You got those terrorists good this time!

WARNING! This video shows the dead bodies of Palestinian terrorists.. ..I mean innocent babies.

HOW on Earth are we supposed to convince the Arab world that western values are something to embrace, when THIS is the sort of shite we pour down on them from a great height, EVERY TIME we support Israel?

Remind me again, by the way—how many times since the late 1970’s has Israel refuse UN weapons inspectors into it’s Demona nuclear “power” facility now?


2 comments on “Well done Israel! You got those terrorists good this time!

  1. I know man. Every day I read about this it makes me sick. It makes me embarrassed to be from a place which so openly endorses Jewish terrorism due to some misplaced holocaust guilt.

    By they way I like your blog. I just stumbled upon it the other day. I have just posted something about Israel on my new blog.
    Check it out if you like.


    P.S. I can’t find an about me page on your blog. Are you from the UK by any chance? I don’t often see or hear anyone from outside the UK using the word arse. Actually I don’t hear many other than Scottish and Irish folk use the word.

    Oh and the Joseph Smith comment section was very amusing.

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