When someone files a DMCA against you, to defend yourself, you must give them your personal details—but they do not have to reveal themselves to you

When Kent Hovind, a convicted fraudster and young-earth creationist, announced that his videos were copyright free, he intended this—no doubt—to be a way of religious organisations to re-distribute his lectures among the faithful, to propagate the lucrative lies contained in his books and the various publications of the Discovery Institute.

However, when sections of those copyright free clips were used to disprove his fraudulent claims, his defenders knew that in order to silence this legitimate criticism, all they had to do was file a claim with YouTube that the users who used Hovind’s content had, in doing so, flouted the Digital Millennium Copyright Act—and YouTube would be forced to act and remove the clip.

This and other methods of silencing legitimate criticism, within the debate between rational science and irrational superstition, is something all of us in the wider on-line community, who believe in the free exchange of ideas, regardless of views which occasionally contradicting our own, are tactics which we can all do something to stop and bring to justice those who hide behind legitimate means of protecting copyrighted content, if we stand together in defiance of intolerance and wilful ignorance.

Please download the original file of the below YouTube clip, made by a concerned group of YouTube users, who have had DMCA take-down notices illegally filed against them, to silence their criticism of Hovind and other creationists, like the YouTube user VenomFangX, who recently launched his own website to promote and encourage anti-logic among other Christians.

Upload this file to your YouTube account and share it on your blog and other websites.

We can, together, do something huge to affect real change for the better in this war between manipulative, hateful, bronze-age lies and the truth contained in the reason and the logic of scientific discovery.

Download the original clip here, http://www.mediafire.com/?nymwxtzz2mq and upload it to your own YouTube account.

Cut and paste this list of subscription links to the affected YouTube users in the description field:
Thunderf00t – http://www.youtube.com/thunderf00t
ExtantDodo – http://www.youtube.com/extantdodo
djarm67- http://www.youtube.com/djarm67
AronRa – http://www.youtube.com/aronra
andromedaswake – http://www.youtube.com/andromedaswake
Potholer54 – http://www.youtube.com/potholer54
ThetaOmega – http://www.youtube.com/thetaomega
DonExodus2 – http://www.youtube.com/donexodus2
dprjones – http://www.youtube.com/dprjones
cdk007 – http://www.youtube.com/cdk007

If YouTube will not let you cut and paste the above, because it contains HTML, please instead paste a link to this article in the description field.

Here is the original clip. Please watch it, understand it and share it with as many people as you possibly can.

Thank you!


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