Kate Bush playing with her massive organ and a fairlight CMI

Unless you’re of a certain age, the name Kate Bush probably won’t mean much to your musical sensibilities. But that wild haired woman singing Babooshka on VH-1 classics, in a Princess Leia style metal bra (which predates Luke’s sister entertaining Jabba, might I add) is the woman who is to this day still a major force in popular music.

As well as drawing men of all ages into a new found fascination with movement and expressive dance, in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, Kate’s visuals were only half the story in the musical career of a woman who paved the way for female producers and songwriters like Björk and Elizabeth Fraser.

Once upon a time, the pop in pop music stood for popular—and in the mid 1980’s Kate Bush’s experimental sounds, made possible by her love for the Fairlight synthesiser, drew a new audience into electronic music.

Here she is pictured for a Keyboard magazine spread on the incredible synthesiser and the people who used it.

More on the Fairlight CMI and pictures at corestore.org


2 comments on “Kate Bush playing with her massive organ and a fairlight CMI

  1. You’re correct. She is a huge influence in popular music. However, her voice is an acquired taste that I’ve never quite acquired…

  2. She’s amazing. Also, her genres do not include pop. She’s mostly Art rock, progressive rock. She makes me proud to be British.

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