Max Headroom

headroom_max4aaMax Headroom used to be THE thing among teens and early 20 year olds in the 1980s.

No-one, at first, really knew for sure if Max was some kind of amazing new computer graphics technique, so cutting edge that the jitteriness and jumping were the teething troubles you’d expect of such space-age technology.

It soon came to light, however, that inside the rubber mask and prosthetics was a Canadian actor named Matt Frewer. But that didn’t stop the Max Headroom phenomena growing beyond its creator’s wildest dreams.

Who the guy in this homage to Max Headroom is, however, is another thing entirely. The identity of this loon has remained a mystery ever since November 22nd, 1987, when he somehow managed to hijack the Channel 11 WTTW CBS TV signal and share the horrors which lurk inside his imagination with the whole of Chicago.



7 comments on “Max Headroom

  1. “Is it me or is the band getting bigger?” Max Headroom – Art of Noise Paranoimia

    I’m a huge Art of Noise fan, since before Max Headroom, but they are always what I think of when I see him, that and the short lived TV show based around him, starring Matt Frewer in two roles.

  2. I sort of just KNEW it would, Lucy. It is pretty weird—added to by his magical ability to hijack the hallowed airwaves. If I could do something like that, I wouldn’t be able to keep quiet about it.

    I’m a big fan of AON too. Sorta all ties into my Trevor Horn era liking of 80’s pop.

  3. Makes sense. Anne Dudley’s Ancient & Modern is a CD that gets lots of play from me this time of year. Trevor Horn was everywhere back then. Another one I think of this time is the Toys soundtrack, produced bu Horn. The Closing of The Year is a great track.

  4. Not forgetting the Horn productions for Dollar, ABC and Yes, of course. Also The Buggles first album is a MUST for any fan of early 80’s FM synthesis programming. Quite a bit of Fairlight on there too.

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