There’s something rotten in the state of reddit

The digg killer has been hijacked in the last couple of days by a down-voting bot which it would appear the administrators are powerless to block.

Submit any story on any topic and within minutes it’s down-voted by as many votes as it has received up, sending stories submitted by genuine users to the back of the line, while a steady stream of NSFW posts make it to the top.

The atheism sub-reddit also appears to be being affected.

Someone, somewhere, is either trying to figure out a way to game the algorithm, to get their own stories onto the front page, or reddit themselves have been making some changes which aren’t working according to plan.

Either way, I think this screen shot speaks for itself…


2 comments on “There’s something rotten in the state of reddit

  1. personally i use the service ://URLFAN and their Buzz Radar which to me is more transparent in regards to whats going on the blogosphere

    urlfan crunches all the data from over a couple million rss feeds and tracks what’s moving in the blogosphere. there’s no human intervention so it’s able to float top stories faster than the standard vote up/down digg and reddit use. according to alexa, urlfan is about to overtake reddit in terms of reach and rank so they must be doing something right.

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