Christian admits God is something of a dick


6 comments on “Christian admits God is something of a dick

  1. no i know! but the title is misleading because you actually DO HAVE some Christians who concede on what to appears accidentally and then try and make up for it, thats what i was hoping i was going to be entertained about… like a Freudian slip or something because it happens quite often when they are pushed. Additionally the caller who answers his own question on a separate occasion is a prime example where you would title the video ‘caller answers his own question’, its not that i dont get it its that the last few years in my degree have shaped me in a unique strict fashion, of making claims and backing them up, any lecturer would disagree with this title, maybe i have too many post-structuralist ones buy yeah, please reply

  2. Yes i know have bad punctuation and grammar; for someone doing a degree [referring to the third post on this topic].

  3. I started watching their complete episodes a little while ago but then I fell off for a bit… thanks for sharing this!

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