Favourite guitar solos

Reddit.com user braneworld asked for everyone subscribed to the Guitar sub-reddit to list their top guitar solos. Here’s mine, with added YouTube clips (where available).

Surfing with the alien – Joe Satriani, because it just IS the silver surfer and it reminds me of the day my mate Simon brought the album into school and we played it back to back with Eat ’em and Smile. It was the first time I’d ever heard Satriani or Vai and I nearly exploded. [YouTube]

Big Trouble – Steve Vai, because it’s the best solo Steve Vai ever played—a real reminder of how beautiful the electric guitar can be.

Keep yourself alive – Brian May, because everyone likes a bit of Queen and this is from their pre-1980s phase, before everything went a bit camp Freddie—not to diss the Fredster, you understand—but Radio Ga Ga can’t hold a candle to March of the Black Queen. [YouTube]

Redhouse, live at the Isle of wight festival – James Marshall Hendrix, because I don’t think it’s technically the guitar he’s playing, as much as it’s your inner childish curiosity and impish sense of wonder for the big wide beautiful world, manifest as audible frequencies only aliens from the planet pure love and Jimi Hendrix can produce. [YouTube]

Gaucho – Larry Carlton, because Steely Dan are the best band in the world, after Weather Report of course and this track in particular is so slick it’s sick. Amazing Chuck Rainey bass line too. The solo is a master class in understatement and tone.

Joshua – Allan Holdsworth, from the Secrets album, because any guitarist, no matter how good they think they are, can’t play a single note of this—apart from Allan. The blow is a genius echo of the head. (Couldn’t find video of this track, but did come accross this version of Tokyo Dream – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlnL3k0vf1I)


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