Another year older

Yes, it’s true. I turned 35 on Saturday 15/11/08.

Lucy softened the blow of my becoming one digit closer to 40 by venturing all the way up here to see me with a delicious home made chocolate cake under her arm.


10 comments on “Another year older

  1. Happy Birthday! My next will be my 40th. This will be the first birthday that I vividly remember my Dad celebrating. I plan on popping all black balloons that day. ;-)

  2. Oh, phooey. Birthdays are your own little national holiday. Why not celebrate them like a madman? I LURVE my B’day. It’s a week long extravaganza. Hey, a friend of mine, my age, died last spring. He’d sure like a few more of his own.

    Oh, and the cake looks stupendous. Congrats to the brilliant baker.

  3. Happy Birthday! Did you get my facebook card I sent ya? I make mine a week long festival! That’s cause it takes nearly that long to get together with all the different coworkers, significant others, families and close friends, whenever we may be free. One of my friends took me out to a place called the Cheesecake Factory — some of the best italian i’ve ever eaten! So happy birthday to you! All the best wishes and love in the world to you James :)

  4. My present to you is to listen/watch Bill Maher’s Real Time November 14th 2008 show. He’s got some good zingers in his opening act :)

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