Ron Paul



3 comments on “Ron Paul

  1. As a supporter (still) of Ron Paul, I have to ask what the point of this picture is. Ron Paul didn’t have a chance because America and the media are in love with the two party system. There’s very little real debate about issues — its all about the final showdown between contestant 1 and contestant 2.

    Instead of caricaturing Ron Paul as the lonely old man all alone, you should be celebrating how much he convinced regular ol’ Republicans to think outside the box… which led to voting for ANYBODY other than McCain.

    No, Ron Paul didn’t win the presidency. He did, however, cure the political apathy of many, and turned most Independents into full thinking Libertarians. It was never about the ‘republican’ party — Ron Paul was always about preserving the balance of power through the Constitution, and preserving the freedom of individuals from the intrusive government. His message still resonates.

    In the next 20 years, you will see a Libertarian President, because at some point, America is going to say, look, going too far right or too far left doesn’t work. How about we strike an even keel in the middle?

    I’m proud of Ron Paul. As poor as I am, I donated, several times, amounting to about $500. That’s how much I still believe in the message of liberty and the Constitution of America.

    I hope Obama will follow in that path.

  2. man i wish Ron Paul was president, i never caught on this obama infatuation, only Ron Paul made sense to me, he suffered a media blackout and even previously in the aired debates; was given a ridiculously low amount of air time, as half the audience would scream in passion of anything he said and that inevitably rang badly with the news networks

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