The 44th President of the United States of America: Barack Hussein Obama

NN_27obama2Assumptions are for dummies, but I think just this once I’ll allow myself to suppose that by the time the majority of you read this, Mr. Obama will be the president elect of a country which within living memory burned people alive because they had brown skin.

Some people on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon line would like those days of discrimination, racism and sheer pig ignorance to return–and have done all they can to virtually guarantee there will always be a certain percentage of hateful anti-Americanism dressed up as true patriotism in the bloodline, by showing their support for Sarah Palin; the woman whom without even the good taste to publicly condemn such open racism shown at her rallies, must also be a name ringing in the ears of John McCain, as his last and greatest political mistake.

Celebrating her inability to think, the Christian Right will no-doubt install her on an-anti logic talk show of her own, before you can say inauguration ceremony–but what’s perhaps more worrying than the fact she made it as far as she did is that without her many of the republicans who are, as I write, casting their vote for Mr. Obama would probably have stuck with the man who voted in-line with George W. Bush on every single one of the disastrous policies which have us where we are now.

Some of McCain’s harder to spot mistakes, if you’re on the inside looking out, are easier to identify from this side of the pond. What can safely be called the first presidential election truly informed by the views of ordinary people, via the internet, far more-so than the heavily filtered, even occasionally sanitised and often censored, received opinion of the mainstream media, has provided we British Europeans with a fascinating look inside the mindset of both the registered republican voter and the registered independent.

McCain’s strangest move came towards the end, when he began trying to rewrite the definition of Socialism. There’s no-doubting that the brain donor brigade in the super-conservative red States responded well to the idea that “spreading the wealth around” is a bad thing, but I can’t for the life of me remember even the staunchest of Thatcherite Tories in this country stooping so low as to actually rely upon their own supporters ignorance as to the differences between a proportional representation democratic market economy and a iconoclastic autocracy, simply to give Fox News a talking point for the proceeding 24 hour blather-fest.

The fact that the latter could easily be misconstrued as the Bush neoconservative doctrine and the former is more in-line with the softly softly Reagan approach, at least to cross-party problem solving, isn’t an irony lost on the more observant, that McCain is preaching it the other way around. The if-you-can’t-educate-them-prank-them approach may well be all part of the rough and tumble of a hard campaign, but the fact there’s simply no truth to assigning such blatantly misconstrued ideas to Obama is at best unforgivable and at worst an indication that McAngry isn’t entirely innocent of the charge that only a minority of extremist elements within the GOP have fuelled the more hateful of the anti-Obama myths, rattling around inside the otherwise empty heads of the redneck right.

The real work, of course, begins as of now. Mr. Obama is hugely popular with a broad range of voters–ordinary hard working Americans who are tired of being lumped in with the religious fundamentalists, just as they are at their wit’s ends trying to make a household budget balance with half the wages they had before George junior took the reigns–but this precisely the middle class backbone of America who will oust the democrats without hesitation, at the first sign of increasing taxes on those who are already paying more than enough.

So with that old mantra of “it’s the economy stupid” ringing truer than ever in our ears, let’s celebrate a victory for rationalism and sanity and drink a toast to the Bush antithesis, the anti-Cheney, the driller from Wasilla and the 72 year old war hero–but most of all let’s raise our glasses and say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.



One comment on “The 44th President of the United States of America: Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Yeah, dammit. I’ve been waiting for this since that awful day in June 1968, when I woke up to hear the news that the bastards had stolen it all away when RFK was killed. I’m 53 and I’ve been waiting for 40 years for this. EVERYONE I know in Spain is hopping with excitement. Good news, at last.

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