No brainer


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA…you are fucking kidding me, right?

    You know when you have mad Christian weirdos that comment on this blog, and they don’t listen to what you say to them because they’re too busy trying to reassure themselevs that they’re right? That’s exactly what you’ve done with this picture.

    Like the bible, that picture is completly made up and was only created by someone because they wanted to try and prove a point to themselves, reassure themselves and make them feel that they’re better than anybody else.

    Firstly, because a computer has wires that somehow makes them bad? Why does it? I can honestly tell you that having wires on an electrical (especially a computer) has never, ever bothered me. I have wires running from my computer to some speakers, just like you have to in a mac because the Mac speakers on their own are not good enough. Just like a Mac I can have a wireless mouse, but I choose to have a mouse WITH wire because I don’t have to mess around with batteries, nor do I have to phone up any kind of support line because it isn’t working (again).

    And I don’t quite understand why the creator of that picture has just plucked some random price for the PC out of the air (just like a Christian, making facts up to try and make themselves feel better). I’m assuming the computer on the right is not just representative of a dell, but representative of PC’s in general? Then why put a price on it? I could go out and buy a new computer tomorrow and it would not me anywhere near £1100, yet it would still be exactly as I wanted it.

    And thirdly, that blue screen really takes the piss. In this house we’ve had around 7 PC’s and 1 Windows laptop, and I have never, ever seen a blue screen. Ever. And I can assure you we paid a lot less than £1100 for every single one of those computers.

    I liken Apple users to Christians, because they’re exactly the same. Show a bunch of facts and evidence to a Christian believer and they don’t hear you, instead they believe what they choose to believe, because it makes them feel better and superior to you. From the outset I can see that Apple users are exactly the same.

    I have no problem with Apple computers, it’s not them that bother me. It’s the fact that Apple users get so overly obsessed with their box in the corner of the room that they try to make other people feel worthless and left out of the loop for not having one.

    My computer doesn’t have iLife on it and it has got wires. But you know what? It’s never ever crashed, it’s never broken, it’s never had virus, i’ve never had to phone up any support line because something was wrong with it. But even if all these things had happen, i’d rather that, or even to go without a computer, than to become someone who gets protective and overly obsessed with a electronic computer in the corner of the room. Wake up. It’s a computer. It’s plastic. There’s more important things in life. Who gives a fuck what yours does?

  2. So a Mac user is allowed to say “buy a mac”, “buy a mac”, “buy a mac” for six months and then as soon as I speak out it’s “it’s a computer. Chill”.

    It’s what i’ve been trying to tell you since I met you.

  3. I administer a network made up from a couple Linux servers, a hundred or so Windows desktops and half a dozen Macs… guess who is always having the trouble?

    The Macs. They don’t want to connect to network resources, they can’t get their e-mail, everything runs slow…

    If I could pull them and replace them with PCs today I absolutely would.

  4. And yet a Mac fan would conveniently forget these facts when preaching to you how better their computer is to yours. It’s written there in black and white, stop trying to ignore it.

  5. mac, itunes, etc. is the emperor’s new clothes. total bullshit. example? iTunes. What a retarded piece of shit this program is! Updates & new versions every two weeks, and yet they continually fail to address glaring shortcomings. a bunch of rubbish for dogmatic twats.

  6. Jordan@
    So you’ve got hundreds of pretend computers running your network, but it’s the Mac’s fault they can’t retrieve data? Hmm. I think I see an easy way out of this.

  7. “Pretend computers” Obviously. And yet the Macs are the ones that everyone is complaining about. See what I mean about conveniently ignoring the facts and seeing what you want to see?

  8. I saw the another graphic designed like this one touting the positive aspects of the PC vs. the Mac. Not to go all “Rodney King” on you folks, but can’t we agree that there are positives concerning both types of computers? If I wanted to do graphic designing or any of my musical mixing or scoring, I would use a Mac. If I were creating a network or gaming on my box, I would choose a PC. I have been using both since the Apple IIE and TRS80 with Basic 2.0 days and find uses for both. I PREFER to use a PC, just as fanboys PREFER to use Macs. My choice of computer, like my religious preference should be MINE to make. I do not need the online version of Mormons (fanboys) or Jehovah’s Witnesses (PC users) telling me that their god is bigger than mine. People will use what they are most comfortable with. Let them do so.

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