Lady says, “We’re not white trash”, while acting exactly like the worst kind of white racist trash

I dread to think how many people — who for some mysterious reason are allowed out of the hospital, let alone a vote — think that the next president of The United States is a terrorist Muslim. And more to the point, what the hell kind of “news” papers and TV stations have they been “reading” for the last two years to still think that way, just weeks before polls open?

EDIT: Spotted by Lucy:


15 comments on “Lady says, “We’re not white trash”, while acting exactly like the worst kind of white racist trash

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  2. I totally thought the SAME EXACT thing about the preacher boy, Ely, in “There Will Be Blood” as well. Just saw it last week from NetFlix. Wow! Spooky, man.

  3. I think people should have to have a “license” to vote. These people scare the living sh*t out of me. Barack Obama’s MOTHER WAS WHITE people! And that SHOULDN’T EVEN MATTER. Who ever said he thought “white people” were trash, you idiots?!!! If McCain and Palin get in there…be prepared for a more near future than not like in the movie, “Idiocracy”. Frightening to think that our country might possibly be LOADED with MORE STUPID people than intellectuals. SHUT UP,CRAZY ELY! This is EXACTLY one of the key reasons why we need to get education on track in this country – So we can educate these stupid masses. I’m on “Idiot Overload” these days. Help!

  4. Oh, how lovely, Jim Gardner! I love it! “Magic Man in the Sky”. LOL! That’s killer funny! I agree… the same arrogance. Have a good one! lol…lol…lol! =]]

  5. I saw the video and thought the exact same thing!!! Crazy Eli was one of the most warped characters I’ve seen and to think, he’s real! Sorry but all these people are white trash. You can tell there’s not an IQ above 100 among this crowd and based upon the things they say, you can tell they are easily misguided..Like sheep to the slaughter….

  6. The Idiocracy scenario has been occurring to me a lot recently too. For anyone who doesn’t already know, Idiocracy is a film in which a regular guy finds himself accidentally projected hundreds of years into the future, where simply because he can string a sentence together and chew at the same time as walking, he is the cleverest person in the world. I think it’s a Kevin Smith film and well worth checking out.

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