Yukio Miyamoto: Master of Adobe Illustrator

Believe it or not, these are not photographs. They are done using Adobe Illustrator, by Yukio Miyamoto. Well done that man!



7 comments on “Yukio Miyamoto: Master of Adobe Illustrator

  1. Amazing, how can you do that Yukio, Please open classroom for “Yukio Miyamoto: Master of Adobe Illustrator”

    Bravo, Mr. Yukio Miyamoto.

  2. this has got to be a wind-up. If I am wrong I will eat my own hat but I use illustrator a lot and I think this is a complete lie

  3. maybe you should check out all of his works to ensure your eyes…I know this guy and I can say he’s the BEST illustrator artist, maybe you should do more practice than condescend someone’s works

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