Republicans scare me more than Al’qaeda

The whole system of “democracy” in America scares me. What on Earth kind of system relegates thousands of tax paying, well read, hard working people ineligible to vote, if they don’t register a month before the debate is even concluded, but gives people like those in this video a block vote worth twice that of residents in a smaller neighbouring state? That’s not democracy, it’s a lottery.

You want to pick them up, shake them and force them to sit down and read a real newspaper for once — IF, that is, they can read in the first place.


10 comments on “Republicans scare me more than Al’qaeda

  1. Your post sounds like you aren’t from America?
    There are weirdo’s in every party….As far as the electorate vote, as you stated, it depends on the number of delegates from each state. All voters are given information when they must register to be eligible for voting. Once you register and vote you remain on the roles unless you move and then register again in your “new” state. BTW, the registrar of voters helps anyone who is unsure about the process. Someone saying they “didn’t know” is pretty far fetched with all the help available.
    Right now the swing states are being deluged with fake voter registration thru ACORN. Obama has paid ACORN monies for get out the vote. ACORN is under investigation for voter fraud. Obama was a lawyer for ACORN during the ’90’s and helped train the “organizers”.
    If you are from America, you are damn stupid, sorry, but I tell it like it is.

  2. You can always leave….unlike other places…We’ll see how much scarier it is out there where they don’t even claim to have a democracy…

  3. @Duckie, you’ve got to be shitting me. Your democracy is a joke. At this point, there’s just too many better places to be than US.

  4. Db0@ Unfortunately my friend Duckie9876 is yet another of these people who swear blind they live in the greatest country in the world without having anything to compare and contrast their views against, zero knowledge of other countries, where they are on the map or how much better informed and democratic the people living there are. He is, in short, one of those people who puts multiple punctuation marks in the middle of his misspelled sentences and is, for many other reasons besides, unlikely to listen to people like you and I.

    SH@ I do not know enough about ACORN at this time to comment with any perspective, but from your tone I wouldn’t be shocked if half of what you think you know about it is informed by people with an agenda against Obama. You’ll be telling us next the spelling of his name is qualification enough to brand him as a terrorist. You’ve drunk the McCain / Palin Kool Aid and there’s nothing anyone can do to help you.

    @ Duckie9876 Many of the scariest non-democracies in the world have been tolerated by successive administrations in the White House of both parties, because they make the dollar tree, cheep shit Christmas decorations no-one needs, but buys anyway, that greases the wheels of what we laughingly refer to as the economy.

    It’s your kind of indifference to these countries and the well being of their people which leads to the formation of terrorist cells both of our countries end up suffering at the hands of. If you think you can make them all go away by putting your cross next to the name of a politician on a piece of paper that won’t get counted anyway, go back to sleep and enjoy your American dreams.

    If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to live in a world where the only thing to fear is fear itself, walk out your front door, to the corner store, pick up a magazine called Newsweek and read it. You might learn something and the next time you choose to comment on something you might not sound so childishly ignorant.

  5. I ain’t skeered! (-;
    ok just a little
    check out my take on the scary republiars

  6. Plato has always said that “Democracy is the best of the worst systems, and/or the worst of the best systems of government.”

    Don’t be scared, we still have Democracy, and it is still flawed.
    Plato was right.

  7. Not only Plato had second thoughts about Democracy, but many others also, while recognizing that it is the preferred system, pointed out its many flaws… thinkers from H.L. Mencken, to Milton Friedman and even Jozef Schumpeter realized where it would eventually take us.

    Even the founding fathers, and especially Thomas Jefferson realized that the Republic would probably need to have a new revolution from time to time as the government again clamped down upon the freedoms of individuals.

    My favorite quote however, is this one:
    “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.”

  8. Not sure on this but wasn’t it Machiavelli who said, ‘change is born out of conflict’. Regardless, (as Uncle Tom would have said) change isacomin. Lets start with replacing capitalism in our financial systems with fundamentalist islamic banking principles. OK, that’ll squeeze the remaining breath out of Wall Street, then maybe, yes how about a ban a liquor (again) – that’ll be good. Hey hope this isnt sounding too controversial …..

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