Send a mail to this guy and wake him up

Legal in the 21st century?  That's just fucked up.

Racist hate speech: Legal in the 21st century? That's just fucked up.

To: lotsrealty@mchsi

Jimmy Edney. I saw your sign on the link above and just wanted to say how I feel. I lived in your fine country last year and returned to the UK determined to dispel the stereotype most Brits have of Americans, that they’re all blissfully ignorant and actively stupid. Among many of my friends, at least, I felt like I was getting somewhere.

That sign makes me feel ashamed on your behalf, even if you don’t know why and probably resent my pity. I’m not telling how to vote. I’m sure once you peel away the blatant lies and big oil corruption McCain is basically a fine American. We could use a lot more of his type and a lot less of you.

I shudder to think how overburdened your mail box has become since this first appeared on-line, so I won’t expect a reply, but if you do find the time I’d be only too happy to argue in your corner if by some miracle you manage to convince me there is any justification, first amendment or otherwise, for your blatantly racist ignorance. It’s called tolerance for the views of others – it happens a lot in those funny to pronounce places across the Atlantic – you know – those countries you can’t point to on a map, where they know what real democracy is? Check it out sometime. Cunt face.


5 comments on “Send a mail to this guy and wake him up

  1. While Obama may unfortunately be an American he certainly acts Un-American and I agree with Mr. Edney with him not being welcome. If he is elected president then shame on our country. John McCain will serve our country well and also protect it. We must elect him as our next president or God only knows what will happen to our beloved country. One of the freedoms we have here in the USA is the right to free speech. If you don’t like what he puts on his sign then you don’t have to read it. It’s his choice what he puts up. Glod Bless America, North Carolina, and John McCain!

  2. Do you realise how many billions of people around the world couldn’t disagree with you more? Do you realise how much better informed than you they are? I’d love to see your face when they announce the landslide victory of America’s first black president.

    I dunno, selfish insular yanks – just what the world needs more of.

    Jeremy, seriously. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Listen to your fellow Americans. Watch the news. Learn something. Wake up.

  3. Seeing stuff like that sign makes me embarrassed to be an American.

    Just because this guy may have the “right” to put this sign up doesn’t make him any less of an ass.

    I wish I could vote for Obama twice!

  4. It’s not the sign that I see as progress, its the discourse.
    THere used to be a time when people would rally behind this kind of non-thinking hatred. “Yeah, what he said!” and the non-think mob mentality foments.

    Now, people see this sign, and they scoff and think, what a loser. If I lived in this guy’s neighborhood, I’d walk right in and tell him. It’s not your political views — you want to advertise your political views, go ahead. But you’re a moron. McCain rhymes with ‘insane’. Oh, no, i’ve made a point!

    Frankly, there will always be dumbshits out there like this guy — but when society has progressed to the point when we look around and say, “You are a TARD, sir” (ala Keith Olberman style), then we’ve accomplished something.

    This blog apologizes for any offense taken to the mentally challenged.

  5. Dear Sir,

    Profess your political views all you want. We have 1st Amendment right and I support the Constitution.

    Just be prepared for the fact that your sign sucks, and your facts are wrong.

    The nice thing about 1st Amendment rights is you can say whatever you want, ANNNNDDDDDDD…. if you’re a complete idiot, I can tell you that too!

    You are a douche.

    Btw, I’m not voting for Obama, or McCain. I support Bob Barr. He would support your 1st Amendment rights, even if you use them to act like an ass.

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