Why is American bacon different to British bacon?

This picture reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to ask…

Why is American bacon..

..thin, fatty and streaky? While British bacon is..

..thick, meaty and om nom nom?

American bacon is definitely tasty, but there’s a lot of added salt – almost like there’s a different kind of processing at the butchers, than there is with a Brit rasher, which tends to be thicker cut and with an ear of round meat at the end of the fattier length.

When I first realised this, I just assumed I’d been looking at the wrong section in the Safeway, but then I realised that, along with Thick Pork Sausages, US supermarkets just don’t “do” breakfast meats like we do here – and I can’t think why.

You guys would LOVE real bacon with fried egg and brown sauce – but there’s no HP or Daddy’s on the menu stateside. I’m sure black pudding and tinned plum tomatoes would go down just as well too! Maybe I should open one of those specialist stores on eBay?


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