Sarah Palin can’t read

Oh, OK. That headline is not strictly true. What she actually says, in this latest instalment of interviews with CBS’s Katie Couric, is that she “reads most of ’em”, when asked about which magazines and newspapers she reads, to form her world-view – a word I though very well chosen by the interviewer.

The truth is, of course, that Sarah Palin doesn’t really have a world-view. The reason she can’t or won’t name one particular publication is that the bloggers and columnists in the candidate’s RSS feed are more likely people she would prefer to protect from the immediate media glare which would descend upon their every word, which every real journalist in the world lining up after the next, chicken scratching for a headline like the one above, would rummage among the archive of material they might have written, which the vice-presidential nominee might have read and regurgitated in a speech of her own.

What kind of blogs and agenda journalism might Sarah Palin be most keen for people not to know she reads, one wonders? Given that in an earlier part of the Couric interview, she refers to her best friend’s homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, I would imagine it unlikely that her reticence to name any one magazine is born of a fear that people might learn of her closet libertarian attitudes.

We’ll wait and see who this “best friend” actually is and whether or not her “decision” to be born gay is something she regrets.


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