Don’t beat about the Bush, tell us what you really think


One comment on “Don’t beat about the Bush, tell us what you really think

  1. I’ve heard… hmm… perhaps a Republican slanted newspaper, can’t remember the name… anYwaY, that Palin is actually HURTING McCain’s chances of winning and making Obama look like a much better choice, exactly because she’s a freaking idiot. This coming from a female Republican writer, asking Palin to please bow out as VP. Wow — even her own side dislikes her! Not that I object: this woman thinks foreign policy experience consists of living close to Canada and Russia. All that executive experience being governor of sparsely populated Alaska and leaving the town she mayored in debt, while also making rape victims have to PAY for their rape kits. Even my Republican mother thought that was below the belt to make rape victims pay for their own rape kit.

    Choosing Palin looked good on paper, I bet: a nice, moderately pretty, cleaned up, right-wing conservative that will grab the moderate ‘hillary’ vote. But, either somebody isn’t doing their job on prepping Palin before she goes on these news feeds, or she’s a freaking idiot and can’t hold on to the lies she’s supposed to spew.

    I’m still voting Libertarian, but I’m thankful Palin is such a complete disaster, because between the Republican side of the coin is FAR more evil than the Democratic.

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