How to find and access open UseNet servers

Quite a few readers have contacted me lamenting the removal from FileFreak of the documentaries and radio programs I posted last week about CERN and the Large Hadron Collider experiment.

In an attempt to get these files out there, I’ve posted them to UseNet and I encourage anyone who downloads from there to share them further using BitTorrent or any other P2P network of choice.

I chose not to use BitTorrent to seed the files in the first place because, even though I use BitTorrent now and then, I still think old faithful UseNet is better and quicker.

The downside of UseNet is that not everyone has access to a NNTP server as part of their Internet Service Provider’s connection package and pay-per-month services like EasyNews aren’t something everyone is interested in.

There are, however, a whole bunch of free to read (posting disabled) UseNet servers, which you can find by searching the excellent and pasting the address of the open server into UseNet reader software, like Thunderbird – by the folks at the Mozilla Foundation.

Here’s a screencast on how it’s done…


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