I’m working on a book. In a short paragraph, tell me why you are an atheist

I’m compiling some of my writing from here and some ideas from a first draft I started writing back when I was living in the US, into a Why I’m an Atheist book, with a provisional rather ambitious title, of ‘There is no such thing as God and I can prove it’.

I would like to include an introduction on the rise of so-called New Atheism, which is often inferred as a slur by the religious ‘we’ encounter ‘out there’ on the internets, as if to suggest there was no such thing as free thinking, before ‘we’ all read “god is not great: how religion poisons everything”, by Xopher Hitchens.

I can only delve into my own atheism and how it grew from my pre-teenaged dread for having to lie to myself every time I knelt down in church on a Sunday, before I worry – without the inclusion of other voices – this section of the book might begin to sound a little self indulgent or too vague to impress upon the Christian reader that we aren’t simply trying to spoil their fun for the sake of being childish. So this is where I need your help.

If you’d prefer not to broadcast your thoughts to the world, you can use the “Mail Me” link at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. Similarly once the final version is ready to be printed (thanks to the wonderful people at LuLu.com) everything used will be anonymously quoted.

I’m most keen to hear about particular moments which stand out in your road to awakening story. At which point did you know, beyond the initial apprehension sometimes associated with letting go of false comforts, that you were ready to accept Jesus Christ as a harmless fairy tale, made wicked by the evil of arrogant religious certainties and politically motivated anti-logic? Did you become militantly opposed to religion in that moment of realisation, or was it a gradual process? Did a complicated family situation prevent you from being open about your new found freedom? How long did you go on pretending to be in communication with God, before you left the church you belonged to altogether?

Were you born an atheist? How did you parents relate to you what religion is, when you were small?

Please keep your submissions short and sweet but informative and don’t be afraid to share any doubts you might still have about the big questions. People often confuse the intense emotions surrounding the death of a loved one or the revealing majesty of nature; life experiences which many cultures autonomously ‘link’ to a religious explanation, or a numinous experience, that even once the feeling has faded, the subject can’t quiet bring themselves to discount as being truly outside of a rational explanation.

It is the non sequitur which people often allow themselves to genuinely believe henceforth from that “touching the hand of God” moment, that such an experience could only be and must therefore remain, in some way, related to a two thousand year old myth. This usually quiet innocent self deception is what I want to feature as the main thrust of the book’s arguments against Christian pseudo-proofs of His divine presence, in day to day life.

I look forward to your feedback!

EDIT: Please digg, reddit, stumble upon, delicious, facebook and generally spread the word around that I am looking for help with this. Thanks again!


3 comments on “I’m working on a book. In a short paragraph, tell me why you are an atheist

  1. Hmm… a short response to how I’ve undone 25 years of gradual, progressive religious indoctrination, and how I have to protect my current viewpoints from my family for fear of gross repercussions.

    I don’t think that’s possible. For me, anyways. I would need superspecific subcategories to write a short paragraph.

  2. Any particular deadline? As Kimmy says, a paragraph is a bit tricky (but not impossible)and I know I’d need some time to construct something short and to the point.

  3. I say short because I wouldn’t want anyone to feel as if they have to write the thing for me. But I’m not looking at pushing the publish button any time in the next month, and possibly longer than that.

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