Hey WordPress! The comments widget is broken!

The “You said…” recent comments widget in the sidebar of this blog has served well to alert passing visitors to other postings on the site, for nearly 6 months now. But in the last couple of days it has decided to break free of its constrained width and slop around all over the place, making the page look unprofessional and messy. That’s supposed to be the job of my writing style and jaded opinions, so I’d really like it if it would go back to looking neat and tidy like what it did before.

Pretty please with a cherry on top, can someone tell me how to fix this / report the breakage to someone who can fix it? If this weren’t a hosted blog I’d jump into the CSS editor and sort it out myself – but short of migrating the whole site over to it’s own domain (which I do have plans to do, just not quiet yet) – in the meantime I’d like to have as nice a looking blog as possible.

EDIT: As if by magic, as soon as I posted this, the bug was fixed – but for fear it returns, I’ll leave this up until I’m sure it’s 100% fixed.


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