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Just a quick housekeeping note for those of you who want to stay up to date with me. I’ve noticed that despite better than ever visitor numbers recently, only 3 people are using the RSS feed to keep up to date with new articles added and comment follow-ups. So, in an attempt to convert you all to the wonders of Really Simple Syndication, I’ve spruced up the feed links in the opposite sidebar, with some more widgets from Feedburner, so you can be immediately updated in your reader of choice when a new article is posted.

Also, don’t forget, you can click the raw RSS feed, either using the sidebar widget or the RSS button in the address bar (Safari / Firefox / Opera) and subscribe to the site feed in a software reader.

You can read the feed in Apple Mail by choosing ‘Subscribe in Mail’ from the button on the RSS pop down pane in Safari browser or by manually cutting and pasting the RSS feed into iTunes (Mac and PC) to automatically download any media attachments (MP3 and MPEG video) which may be wrapped in the article.

Additionally, you can click the ‘Subscribe via Email’ link in the sidebar to receive an email every time I add a new article, which is a service again run by Feedburner (Google owned) and is a 100% spam-free experience.


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