Lewis has his win at Spa revoked!

Leaving the track disgruntled, but still wearing the winners cap

Leaving the track disgruntled, but still wearing the winners cap

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Massa did not win at Spa. Why are they trying to say he did? This is supposed to be about who can drive the quickest around a track in a RACE. The FIA have tied the whole sport up in utterly pointless regulations that do nothing to attract new fans and everything to disappoint and alienate those of us who’ve followed these teams all our adult lives.

This is a flat out bad decision. Lewis lifted off and Kimi regained the lead. He took him on the following corner via legitimate (until they ban that as well) slipstreaming. THERE WERE NO RULES BROKEN HERE!! THIS IS A FERRARI BIAS FIX-UP!!

What with ITV’s utterly infuriating and ever more regular ad breaks combined with the frustration of having to watch know-nothing decisions by officious little men with nothing better to do than interfere at the FIA, as sure as I’m sitting here, I say now I will never watch a live race again until the BBC take up the challenge next season. There is no point!

I shot around my living room with pure tears of joy in my eyes for the love of motor sport this afternoon! My family thought I’d lost my tiny mind, but I knew there were not only millions of others like me around the UK doing the same but yet more millions around the world. All of us united in the joy at finally seeing some action come back to the sport we love. And NONE OF IT MEANT ANYTHING BECAUSE SOME ON-THE-TAKE ANORAK FROM THE FIA WANTS HIS 15 MEGABYTES OF FAME!!

From now on I’m going to get the highlight news of each race on the internet and if there’s a British Driver / Team win I’ll download the ad-free BitTorrent video the next day. SCREW THIS RIDICULOUS NONSENSE!

Well done FIA – you’ve just virtually guaranteed instant fan loyalty to a rival series, once the major teams wake up to your inadequacy and leave you and your cronies to do what you do best. Absolutely nothing!


2 comments on “Lewis has his win at Spa revoked!

  1. Wow – so true we ( I) running round our living room going abouslty bonkers at the tv – screaming – i think my wife and duaghter thought I had gone mad !!!
    But then came the missery as FIA screwed every thing up!!
    Nuff said

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