Richard Dawkins reading Christian hate mail

EDIT: 24 hours after first posting this, it has 8 diggs. I couldn’t care less about what that does for my kudos. I’ve had front page digg stories before and I’ll have them again. I am rather annoyed about what it actually means, however. Stay tuned for a trademark Jim rant about broken social bookmarking sites, real soon.


8 comments on “Richard Dawkins reading Christian hate mail

  1. Apropos of nothing….Have you ever read or seen the play “Angels in America” by Tony Kushner? One of my favorite works of art ever. Not specifically about atheism, but the protagonist, ill with AIDS, has visits from angels who over the course of the play lament the excess of progress of the human race. I won’t tell you the end, but at one point he tells the angels he wants human progress, warts and all, and shouts, “and take your stupid book!!”

  2. I only have a crappy home-made VHS copy that I can only play in Spain on a dual system video. It’s not out in the UK? I know it’s six hours long, but I’m surprised it hasn’t been on TV there. Will pick my brain for a while.

  3. A taste of A in A.

    “The world only spins forward….” my favorite line from this or any play.

  4. I just found it. I love it so much…will send you more links on your email. There are a number of composite clips posted, and some are good but the real thing is worth it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available in zone 2 format. will keep looking.

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