I’ve had to delete Last.FM

You might have noticed I had a Last.FM widget in the sidebar for a while, but now it’s gone. Why? Well for some unknown reason every time I opened iTunes the Last.FM background process, which normally only monitors what I’m playing to build the playlist, started actually playing random files from my collection.

With no control panel that indicates this is a turnable offable ‘feature’ I had no choice but to ditch the whole thing.

If anyone from last.fm is reading this and would like to keep me up to date as to when this bug will be fixed, please comment here – or forever hold your peace.

EDIT: I have installed the beta version of the last fm application and so far it is working out. Stay tuned.


8 comments on “I’ve had to delete Last.FM

  1. I had a problem with LastFM on one of my Macs running Mac OS 10.5.4. LastFM would just quite on launch. I had to download an older version and now it’s working fine. I just ignore the auto updates as I figure, if it aint broke…

    Is the PC with the problem Windows or Mac? I don’t have iTunes installed on my Windows machines, but I do have last FM installed so I can listen to streaming music from them.

  2. Mike Aka MonolithTMA: Yes, it’s the latest version of Last.FM for Mac OS X 10.5.4 and the latest version of iTunes. The strange part about the bug is that even if you quit iTunes (launching it is what causes the error to occur) the randomly chosen file continues playing. It’s the Last.FM task in the Activity Monitor you have to Force Quit, to get it to stop playing. Most odd.

  3. Thanks Mike. I’ll give it a try – although some people are saying there are still some other bugs, like dual dock icons – but I never experienced this one before, so fingers crossed (not that this will help – but hey, I needed a close).

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