Take the blue pill, Mister Anderson

You know how in the 1999 blockbuster ‘The Matrix’, Neo is invited to go back to sleep forever, or step into the real world – just after he is arrested on trumped up charges?

You know the scene in the interrogation room where his mouth is sealed up and he’s not allowed talk in his own defence? Take a look at his passport. Life imitating art, or what?

An incredible almost spooky coincidence, given the subject matter of the film – but a coincidence nevertheless. I’m sure there must be a group out there somewhere who take this as further proof of Jewish Hollywood’s complicity with the “inside job” non-theory on 9/11. You might laugh, but “they” have made these kinds of claims before.


2 comments on “Take the blue pill, Mister Anderson

  1. *curls up to laugh ridiculously* Oh. I love conspiracy theories. :D

    (However, that passport thing is kind of weird. >_> You’re sure that’s not a doctored still frame? …*goes to watch the Matrix.*)

  2. What is that the date of — when his passport expires?
    More likely the producers were using 1’s and 0’s (01) like a computer code. The name of the machine city is called Zero One.

    It seems like September 13th is a date too, but I can’t read the tinier print on the photo.

    Used to play MxO and we all loved screening for little things like this, but for details in the storyworld, not conspiracies. lol.

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