Letting go of God

Julia Sweeney wrote a brilliant monologue called ‘Letting go of God’. Here she is reciting part of it at TED.



2 comments on “Letting go of God

  1. Excellent! I love the ‘mormon’ story. I might have to get her CD of the show because I’m really interested in all of her stories.

  2. I’ve listened to her CD and its so touching. She spends a lot of the show describing her family and all the things that made her faith beautiful for her, and all the questions she couldn’t get straight answers for as an adult. If freethinkers are looking for somebody to be the ‘kind’ presentation of atheism/naturalism, she is it. Not only does she beautifully explain step-by-step how she came to letting go of God ( a jumble if there ever was one in my own head), she also beautifully ties her newfound atheism into the beauty and wonder of life, and also the humbling reality of death. The criticisms against atheism that religious use to lure the ‘lost’ back into the fold, in particular the heartache of losing loved ones, was one of her key concluding stories. You can’t help but feel in awe, inspired, and moved by her words. I’ve commented on her blog and thanked her, and recommend her work on my facebook.

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