Richard Dawkins Public Lecture, Liverpool 2008

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One comment on “Richard Dawkins Public Lecture, Liverpool 2008

  1. After watching this over the course of a couple nights, I have decided my new way of going to bed is to listen to lectures by people or on topics of high interest to me. It’s amazing the good stuff you can find! Last night I started listening to a lecture by James Randi. He comments at one point he is concerned that the internet provides as much opportunity for information as it does MISinformation, but without the internet, I would never had the opportunity to discover… well… him, truth, skepticism, likeminded people, the whole 9 yards.

    If you come across any more good lectures, PLEASE link them :) Interestingly enough, I always seem to remember the last point I heard before I fell asleep. The next night I just scroll along until I figure out where I was and then listen to the next segment, unless I fall asleep again… it’s kind of like when late night phone conversations with a friend — you’re tired, but you just want to hear their voice and what they’re thinking … now, when they start asking you questions and you start replying, “I.. spaghetti hates my monkey” or other such gibberish, its probably time to hang up , lol, but Dawkins never asks me questions so I just listen until my brain eventually dozes…….

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