WARNING! This video contains graphic child abuse

If you’re anything like me, watching children being brain washed and physically tortured isn’t the kind of thing you go out of your way to find and watch videos of, on-line. But sometimes we have to know exactly what we’re up against from people within our own societies who are doing this kind of thing to families who need help.

While the government and media busy themselves pointing our gaze at “those Muslims” who indoctrinate their children to hate anyone different to them, by showing rows and rows of children in madrasa memorising the Qur’an, here we see, in no holds barred detail (so you’ve been warned) the sort of methods christian groups adopt to control a congregation in exactly the same way and for exactly the same ends.

The clip is filmed in an American church, but you can be sure as shot it’s typical of the techniques these tax exempt groups use around the world, to induce hypnotic trances in people they almost completely control from a very young age.

The constant amplified voice of the dictator fills the room; chanting anything and nothing just for the sake of making a noise, so as to maximise his control over anyone who can’t avoid but to listen. He makes any noise he can, it doesn’t matter that he’s literally making up words as he goes (conveniently referred to as ‘talking in tongues’) just as long as it’s HIS voice that they’re listening to and nothing else. That’s when he can embed certain phrases which he can then recall at a later date to re-trigger whichever state of mind the victim was in at the time the phrase was planted.

You have to presume the video starts at the crescendo of a gradual build up from an unseen slow start; no doubt at first, softly spoken words. This is a technique the Nazis used at rallies, where fairly calm speakers at the start of the day would build the crowd to an eventual frenzy which peeked with the appearance of the feurer himself; the reveal.

In the clip, most disturbing of all, children can be seen as if writhing in ecstasy at having been triggered to enact the embedded behaviour for receiving the holy spirit, while adults parade them around the isles of the church to make sure everyone can see the stunt “working”, so that they too know how to behave when it’s their turn to act out whatever commands they’ve had embedded during the session.

It really is frightening stuff to witness, but also completely blatant to anyone seeing it for what it actually is, as opposed to what they’re selling it as being to those who’ve been tricked into taking part.

Thanks (if that’s the right word) to atheistnation.net for this clip.


9 comments on “WARNING! This video contains graphic child abuse

  1. I’ve been trying to think of an intelligent reply for this, but I can’t. All I can think is “fucking weirdos.” Hope that suffices.

  2. “Shullahmah shn shn shn shn shn shn shn shndalahday” is ancient Hebrew for ‘I’m an a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-asshole.’

  3. I don’t know what I would do if I were there. I would like to think I would speak up or call him out, but I imagine I would be met with hatred or worse.

    How embarrassing it would be to be rolling around like an idiot for no reason at all in front of others. At least the others are too embarrassed to call you out on it.

    I actually work with a woman who goes to these revivals very frequently. Her life literally revolves around them. She is a Pentacostal, snakes, poison and all. I’ve seen her become more and more conservative and less and less social for the past 8 years.

    It is all quite sickening.

  4. Theodoersing: Have you thought about offering your work colleague help to escape, or do you think she thinks she’s safe? Do they take money from her? Is there any chance you could get her to mail me and talk about her experiences?

  5. And to think, these are the people who gave us George Bush. If there’s a god, I just can’t believe that would ever happen…

    Many years ago I had a friend who was half Ukrainian, 1/4 Chinese & 1/4 Phillipino. The Phillipino side of her family were Charismatic Catholics. Her cousins thought the laying of hands, people collapsing, etc., was hilarious. They made a big joke out of it. So one day the two of them went up to the altar, and damn if they didn’t completely pass out on the ground when the priest or whoever it was laid their hands on them (god knows where, damn priests…). It didn’t change their belief that the whole thing was ridiculous, but they still can’t explain it to this day. My personal opinion is that the priest pushes their heads back to get them off balance and then they fall, hit their heads and pass out. At least that’s what I like to think it is…another form of abuse from priests….

  6. Well, of course that’s likely what happened… or maybe there’s another way it happened…. THE POINT IS, and this is the critical thinking I’d like to shout off the rooftops, is that just because you don’t have an explanation for something, does not mean you have to take other people’s word for it. Unless, of course, they have some kind of decent, scientifically tested proof. So they fell down.. that does not mean it was because of demons or spirits or god or anything, and yet people are apt to accept that explanation because they can’t think of how else it might have been done.

    You should probably think of it as a good thing, that you’re not a schemer or conartist and do not readily have explanations for such bullshit, and that is exactly what these charismatics are counting on. They are counting on your lack of experience, mixed with a sense of belief, and hoping its enough to sway you.

    Think of it this way… when magicians put a woman in a box and saw her in half, do you think there’s a trick to it, or do you assume there’s really magic going on? When a ‘psychic’ looks into her crystal ball, or swirls the coffee leaves, or reads lines in your palm, do you think there’s really cosmic information coming through, or just a lot of cold reading and guessing?

    Why should your skepticism of religious experiences be any different?

  7. “Theodoersing: Have you thought about offering your work colleague help to escape, or do you think she thinks she’s safe? Do they take money from her? Is there any chance you could get her to mail me and talk about her experiences?”

    I’ve talked with her many times about religion in general. Her entire family is entrenched in this stuff. She said she actually was non-religious and initially resisted, but fell in line based on fear for her soul, and IMO, feared being ostracized by her family.

    I think she believes she is safer by believing. Perhaps there is a tiny bit of doubt, but then I figure those doubts have to exist in everyone in one form or another.

    There is no way she would e-mail (I doubt she even uses a computer)you. I believe she gives me very little thought concerning my arguments. She has already said she prays for me (in all sincerity, I believe).

    If there is a point were you could not come back from religious indoctrination, she is very close if not already across it.

    They take lots of money from her, btw. The revivals she goes to regularly fleece her of hundreds of dollars and she is happy to pay for her salvation. She sees it as the more money she gives, the more good she is doing. That is an important point on how American churches (and others too, I’m sure) do so well. They make you feel proud to give and feel like you are making a difference in relieving suffering when in reality these churches use very little of it for what she doubtlessly intends.

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