Arianna Huffington: BBC Interview

I recorded this interview last night on BBC News Channel with Arianna Huffington, who is one of the most successful activist bloggers on the internet with her site.

She means to exert her considerable influence, as a former Republican supporter and friend of John McCain, to ensure that Barrack Obama is the next president.

The BBC’s Stephen Sacker asks her some serious questions on issues surrounding accountability and the new journalism of opinion blogging, versus the traditional print and broadcast journalism of unbiased reportage.

Watch in fullscreen


3 comments on “Arianna Huffington: BBC Interview

  1. This is quite amazing! The BBC reporter is clearly trying to protect the mass-media turf, though he does give Arianna a fair chance to explain her views, which I think she does very well. Bravo!

  2. Stephen Sacker is a real journalist who knows how to ask real questions, because he knows that’s the best way to get an honest answer. I liked this interview a lot.

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