They used my picture in the local paper!

When Lucy and I (formal pronunciation, eh?) arrived at the train station yesterday, the fire brigade had their woo woos on and the coppers were buzzing about, like flies on dog shit.

At first I feared the worst. “Oh Well”, I said to myself. “The number’s up James, they’ve finally found those bodies in the river”. But then it became apparent that.. ..well I’ll leave you to read the story for yourself, here, which has been updated since yesterday to include my comment to the journalist.

The real story, however, is that the local paper’s camera man was delayed, so they used my shot of the disabled vehicle instead, which I BlueToothed to the man. My trusty camera phone just made me £20 AND it was used in today’s paper print edition, so I might even get £40. Result!

Here’s a scan of my credit in the paper. How chuffed am I?


12 comments on “They used my picture in the local paper!

  1. I’m naming my first son Jim after the heroic photographer who braved flames and reason to document the historical… wait a second, ‘no danger to the public’? I’ve been flimflammed!

    Kidding aside, that’s fun! How exciting! Could you contact them and ask them if they have any jobs for a photojournalist? :)

  2. It had occurred to me to get a cape and mask and swing around the streets snapping everything that happens just in case there’s a scoop! But then I remembered the restraining order and that incident with the pelican.

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